What If Your Girl Asks You To Talk Dirty

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Yes, some girls have the desire to talk dirty. Some women love to hear such words at least once when they are in the 'mood'. It turns them on!

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But the problem is, some guys go clueless. They get confused about what to talk when they are asked to turn on a woman only with words.

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Some men try to talk utter rubbish thinking that it turns on the girlfriend. That may backfire! On the other hand, some men doubt their women. They are judgmental. They think that a girl who asks to talk dirty is someone who is into bad 'bed-practices'. But no, that's a misconception.

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Relationship experts say that every girl has her own dreams of enjoying romance and she waits till she finds the right guy to open up and express. Some women may not even feel free to express their inner urges.

So, it is foolish to judge a woman who at least tries to express her inner desires. Now, let us discuss what to do in such a situation.


Tip #1

Some girls get stimulated when a man talks about the 'wild' things he would like to do. If you are clueless about talking dirty, ask her to give an example.


Tip #2

If she is too shy to give any example, then you may need to take the lead by trying to talk about crazy things you can imagine.


Tip #3

Be careful while you experiment with dirty words as you should not end up offending her. Also, you don't want to turn her off by failing in it. So, maintain the right balance.


Tip #4

Sometimes, it is your tone, sometimes its the words and sometimes it is the topic that turns out to be stimulating. Using a combination of all of them, try to turn her on.


Tip #5

If you hate to talk dirty, use 'code' words or suggestive words for certain 'dirty things'. She will find it cute if you are hesitating to utter such words directly.


Tip #6

Use your imagination and be very descriptive when you attempt to talk dirty with her. Tell her what you would do if you find her in your bed next to you. But don't show your wild side immediately. A woman's meaning of 'dirty' is far more decent than a male's version of talking dirty. So, go slow and test the waters.


Tip #7

Don't regret even if you fail. At the end of the day, the details don't matter. The overall impact you create matters. Only the bonding between the two matters more. Rest assured as everything will be okay.

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