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Do Men Like Women Making The First Move?

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Are you wondering how to make the first move on a shy guy? Or do you think men don't like such moves? Digest this fact; today's men love women who can ask them out. In fact, that shows how clear headed a woman is.

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Gone are the days when shy women scored all the points. Well, it doesn't mean that you should stop behaving like a woman, but it does mean that shyness isn't treated as a feminine virtue anymore.

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With changing times, women have started coming out and scoring well in careers. In fact, they are racing men in every field. Now, why would a racing woman feel shy and bend her head? So, men clearly understood that a dynamic woman is all that is needed in these times. Read on...


He Will Know That You Are A Strong Woman

Yes, only strong women can take initiative. So, it speaks about your leadership qualities when you make the first move.


He Will Be More Open With You

As he understands that you are matured enough to understand men, he will try to be open about his opinions.


You Will Have More Power

Generally, people who take initiative will end up having more power over many issues in any relation.


He Will Value Your Opinions

As you already come across as a modern woman who knows what she wants and what she is doing, he will acknowledge your opinions.


He Knows That You Are Independent

Only independent women tend to be strong and outgoing. So he will like to take things further with an independent woman who isn't clingy or needy.


Your Relationship Will Be Effortless

When people are open, straightforward and frank, relationships tend to run smoothly. There will not be any room for misunderstanding.


You Will Control The Relationship

Men love it when women take certain things in control. When you are dynamic you will enjoy more control.

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