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The Concept Of Missing And Kissing

Even though you love your partner, sometimes, it is better to take a small break from your relationship. No, not for soul-searching but to intensify the passion in your relationship.

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There is a concept called 'missing and kissing'. Some relationship experts claim that the process of missing and kissing can actually strengthen the bond a bit.

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Also, it could kill boredom, make the couple realise each other's value, helps experience the absence of a person and also makes physical touch enjoyable again after a period of monotony. Let us discuss further.


Fact #1

When you miss your partner, your body's chemical composition changes. Your brain creates a feeling of 'lacking something'. You tend to feel bored or may experience a vacuum like feeling.


Fact #2

In order to combat the state of lacking something, your mind then tries to reopen some old sweet memories to cover up the lack and give you an effect that makes you feel like 'everything will be fine'.


Fact #3

As the period of separation extends, your passion and intensity of love towards your partner may increase.


Fact #4

In fact, in some cases, men who miss their partners tend to wake up with nocturnal discharges mainly due to wet dreams.


Fact #5

In a way, missing a loved one for a brief period can increase cravings and appetite to an extent.


Fact #6

And when you meet the person again, the first thing that comes to your mind is kissing to express how much you have missed your partner.


Fact #7

In fact, kissing after a period of missing makes the kiss more intense and passionate. Many couples say that such kisses last longer and give more pleasure than regular kisses.

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