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Are You Made For Each Other?


It isn't easy! Yes, when two different people from different backgrounds and places come together, they tend to have different lifestyles, habits, ideas and thoughts. Living harmoniously isn't so easy.

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But if you are still happy then it is a miracle. It means that you are made for each other. No relationship is perfect. But if you feel that you have the capacity to accept the downsides of the other person and if he too feels the same in the same intensity, then you are a couple who can build a common future.

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Frankly speaking, a husband and a wife are like team members who may need to work together to achieve big goals of life like building a home and raising kids. If there isn't any acceptance, tolerance and compatibility, marriages don't last long. They crumble fast. So, here are some signs that indicate that you can start a family with him.


Sign #1

You told him everything....literally everything....including your ugly secrets! Well, then you are made for each other! If you feel like hiding your ugly side then you aren't really made for each other.


Sign #2

You feel like fighting with the whole world to marry him. If you seldom feel like removing constraints then you aren't made for each other.


Sign #3

He requests you to meet his family and you feel honoured. You too take him to your home. Then you are made for each other. If he tries to hide his affair with you, then think again.


Sign #4

Both of you never feel bored in each other's company. Sometimes, you talk and laugh and sometimes, you are silent but you both never feel awkward.


Sign #5

Half of the day, you tend to day dream about a future with him. Then you're made for each other. If the thought of future with him never comes to your mind then ignore the relationship. It is just temporary.


Sign #6

You never feel like arguing with him even though you are right. He too realises that he is wrong and says sorry within 5 minutes. In fact, you kiss him whenever he argues!! Then you are made or each other. If endless arguments are your daily routine then you aren't really made for each other.


Sign #7

He gives you immense freedom and never restricts you. You too do the same. Then you are made for each other.


Sign #8

You feel no inhibitions when he is around. You feel free with him. You are your own self with him. Then you are made for each other. If you try to pretend and he too does the same, then think again.


Sign #9

He may have some bad habits but that will not make you lose respect for him. In the same way, he too hates certain aspects about you but overall, he gives respect. Then it means that both of you have accepted each other. Marry him if your heart says so!

Story first published: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 8:01 [IST]