Why Women Hate Womanisers?

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In the initial stages, womanisers can be attractive. They are charmers. In the first meeting itself, they try to make a mark on you and gradually, their thoughts start haunting you.

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They look and act sophisticated, they may try to lure you with gifts and they speak about the finer things of life. They may also promise an extravagant life and all the luxuries that you can ever dream of; but what happens after that?

The day they get what they want, they lose interest and they start looking for pleasures elsewhere to get a high.

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They derive pleasure from a relationship and then they walk out after that. That is why women hate womanisers. Read on to know about more reasons.


They Aren't Trustworthy

Now, who wants such a man? Trust is the foundation of any relationship and when a man never proves to be trustworthy, why would any woman trust him?


No Love; Only Lust

Do womanisers fall in love? All a womaniser wants is some 'fun'. Now, which woman would want to be a toy in the hands of such a man?



As a woman, you want some attention in the relationship but a womaniser gives you attention only till he finds some other woman elsewhere. Would you like that to happen?


Such Men Never Change

Do womanisers ever change? Its an addiction. Lust is powerful and womanisers are victims of such an addiction. How will they ever change even if you invest all your emotions and love in the relationship.


No Respect

Womanisers seldom respect women and their feelings and that is precisely why they keep running from one woman to another.


No Sense Of Belonging

Of course, there would be no sense of belonging in such a relationship with a womaniser.



Such men stray a lot even when they are in a committed relationship. Do such men really deserve your love?

These are just a few points. If you have more reasons why women hate womanisers, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 13:00 [IST]
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