Things Every Couple Should Refuse To Post On Facebook

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Couples we know your excited to be in a relationship and yes love really drives one up the pole. But, that doesn't mean every time you share a kiss or a hug with your partner, you've got to upload it on Facebook.

Couples, these days are going bonkers over social media sites, they find it a joy and a necessity to post every little detail in capital letters fancied with a picture for the world to see.


People who enjoy the view will automatically hit the like button and comment, but for those who hate seeing things like this online, will in a way block your page. Sharing a memory or wishing each other good well etc are okay, but don't make this habit of sharing every little detail of your relationship online.

Share those precious moments with each other and the most important ones, keep it for the world to see. With this in mind for all the confused couples out there, Boldsky has shared with you some of the things every couple must and should refuse to post on Facebook, take a look:


Those Fights

If your partner has driven you crazy over something, it is best to vent it out to him or her and not on a public forum. It is not nice for the world to see what you guys fought about, clear the air within the four walls and not on Facebook.



Stalking exs on Facebook is not something new. It is a common habit which you and I have even though we might be in happy relationships. If your partner is stalking an ex, ask them why they are doing so, especially If they are pushing it too far.



Intimacy is supposed to be shared only in the bedroom and not on Facebook. Your love life is nothing to flaunt about, it is basically disgusting for another to hear - how you did it with your partner and how many times you scored.


Spying On Your Partner

Have you been spying on your partner's Facebook account off late, if you have, it is best that you stop this nasty habit. Spying in on your partner's account is not decency and you should stop it right away.


Forget Your Ex

One of the many reasons why couples end their relationship is because of Facebook. Spying on your ex, getting in contact with your ex flame all resolves to cheating in your relationship and Facebook is one platform which causes the problem

Story first published: Thursday, September 10, 2015, 11:10 [IST]
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