8 Sizzling Things Every Couple MUST Do Before Marriage!

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Before marriage it is important for couples who are in love to do certain things together so that their flame is lit till the end of time.

Even after you are wed it is important to do those little things in life which are much more worth it than the larger and greater things which money can buy.

Relationship experts state that when a couple is in love, the first thing they need to do at all times is to communicate with each other and this can be in any form, as long as both of you know that there is someone to lean on.


The second most important thing for couples to do is not focus too much on physical pleasures in life, as it could take away your focus from the main things that help to bind your relationship into one.

No matter how long you have been in love with each other, it is important to show each other love and care.

Here are some of the things every couple must do for each other at any cost in a relationship, take a look:


Mix Around

One of the main things every couple must do before marriage is to mix around with other people who are associated with your partner. In this way, you will also get to know the other side of your partner when he or she is with their friends.


The Financial Button

After marriage it is normal for the couple to bring their funds together and spend it wisely as one. But, before marriage it is important for the couple to witness a break through - a financial crisis. This is only to see if you are able to move through the time with ease.


Those Bad Habits

We all have one or two bad habits. But, we try our best to hide it from the one we love. This kind of attitude is not good for the relationship. It is your duty to show your partner the bad side too, so that they are aware of the true you!


Communication Is The Key

Communicate with each other, it is the best and most important thing which can help keep your relationship alive. If you don't communicate you are in for a serious shock after you wed!


Opinion Matters

As an adult your opinion matters. No matter how much you love your partner, never give in if you strongly believe it is not right.


Those Life Goals

You should enter a marriage knowing what you both want out of life - both individually and as a couple.


Sexuality Exploration

Explore your sexuality with your partner before marriage. This is important as you become aware of what your partner likes and dislikes, instead of keeping it a secret to be revealed post the big day.


Move In

Though it is not acceptable in our society, it is important to get to know how your partner is and reacts while staying with him or her. This is one of the other things couples must do before marriage.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 5:31 [IST]
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