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Is Too Much Intimacy Bad In A Relationship?

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If your relationship is based only on physical intimacy, your love story is going to see an end. Too much of intimacy is extremely bad in a relationship and this physical pleasure can tamper with the strongest emotion called love.

Couples who are in a loving relationship do not need sex to be an important part of their lives, because intercourse is only a method of expressing that love you have for each other. What you really need in your relationship and what really matters is respect, love, trust, understanding, comfort, security and more. These are some of the things that genuinely matter and bind a couple in a relationship.

However, if your love is based only under the sheets, there is no point in having a relationship in the first place! Relationship experts advice couples to take their relationship to the next level in terms of understanding, getting to know more of each other, learning about each other's flaws and good things and more. When a couple grows together in this kind of love along with some amount of intimacy, their relationship becomes much more important and worthy.

Today, Boldsky explains you why it is important to build your relationship on the basis of the heart than on the body. Take a look at why we think too much of physical intimacy is bad in a relationship.

is too much intimacy bad

It Destroys Soul To Soul Connection
When the relationship is based on only physical intimacy, a soul-to-soul connection will be lost between the partners. Living in a relationship which is based only on sex will not help the couple bind hearts, it will only bind two bodies, which thus makes the relationship baseless and unimportant.

is too much physical intimacy bad

You Tend To Get Addicted To The Person
Sex addiction adds too many of the other addictions people suffer with. A sex addiction can destroy a relationship. If you're suffering from this form of addiction, it is best to seek medical attention as you can lose the one you claim to love and your dignity.

Relationship Commitment Decreases To Zero
The reason why we think too much of physical intimacy is bad is because it only connects the couple in bed. There is no relationship commitment and no importance given to the love you share as one. Therefore, if your relationship seems to be getting too physical, it is time to step up and do something about it.

intimacy in a relationship

You Will Live In A Fantasy World
Too much of intimacy in a relationship will make the couple live in a fantasy world. This is because, once the addiction begins in either of the partners, they will want to experiment with unnatural things and positions in the bedroom which might be harmful.

Attraction Goes Elsewhere
When too much of intimacy takes control of your relationship, you can lose each other. Since it is a physical attraction, there might be chances of your partner seeking interest in another, which results in cheating; that might be the end of your relationship.

Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 15:45 [IST]
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