Cruel Things Men Do To The Women They Love!

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You might have found the man of your dreams, but there is always something about him which is rather disturbing. A study shows that most women have a problem with the man they are in love with. For the simplest reason: they are egoistic, bossy, demanding(sometimes) and have an aura about being flawless.

These women in the study, claim to love their man unconditionally, but at times it gets pretty ugly, especially when it comes to a fight. These women are left feeling helpless, and the fear within them, destroys their life.

Experts state that some men tend to see themselves as perfect human beings. There are the type of men who even look down on their woman and treat her bad in all possible ways.

Cruel Things Men Do To The Women They Love | Cruel Things Men Do | Things Men Do To The Women They Love

If the man of your life has been a torment to you in ways more than one, then this is an article you must read. The article shares with you some of the cruel things men do to their women, all in the name of love. Take a look at the behaviour of these heartless men in our modern world:

FYI: If you are dating a man of this caliber, it is best to step out of the relationship and opt for greener pastures.

Great Ego

Great Ego - There are some men who have a mighty ego and this cruel behaviour hurts the woman he is with. Men with ego don't pay attention to their partner and this often leads to a messy break-up.

An Ogling Mate

An Ogling Mate - One of the cruel things that hurt women in a relationship is when their partner ogles at another woman. This kind of distraction hurts the relationship and the woman too.

Over Possessiveness

Over Possessiveness - Women loved to be pampered and treated like a queen. But, when the man goes over board and becomes too possessive, things take an ugly turn in the relationship. No woman wants to love a man who orders her around.

The Man Who Hates Tears

The Man Who Hates Tears - Women are emotional beings. They cry and at times over do it. But, when a man in a relationship pays no attention to his woman's genuine tears, this is a cruel thing to do.

The Sex Monster

The Sex Monster - There are some men who are addicted to sex. If the man in your life is one of them, try to make him understand that sex can ruin a relationship. Make it known that physical need is important, but not too much of it, all the time.

Story first published: Friday, November 6, 2015, 19:04 [IST]
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