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Reasons Not To Date A Rich Guy

By Pooja Kaushal

It is said love sees no boundaries. Very true! But such things seem to fit in a lot more in the fictional world compared to the real world. When we come down to reality the differences in societies are always considered. The financial conditions of two people are often compared. And when it comes to a relationship the differences become rather too obvious. It is, probably, for this reason that a girl is often told not to date a rich guy.

It cannot be said that it is improper to date a rich man but at the same time there are reasons why not to date a rich man. These reasons carry a lot more sense when seen from the girl’s point of view. You may come across articles and write ups which talk about ‘dating a rich man tips’ but it is up to you to decide what is best for you.


Once again do not take these to be very hard and fast as exceptions are there in life. Yet, before you start dating a rich man consider the following.

1. Feeling of awkwardness: Being in the company of a rich man can bring about a feeling of awkwardness in the girl. After all he has almost everything and leads a life completely different from yours.

2. Watching what you eat: When out eating you may be appalled by the price of each item while for him it may be of no concern. You may want to watch every bit you order for yourself and try to keep the bill to the minimum.

3. Inequalities in spending: His wallet is full and yours in not as much as his. He can buy you expensive gifts, take you to expensive restaurants because that is all normal to him. You, on your part cannot do so. You will have to watch every penny you spend.

4. Inferior feeling: Seeing your rich date spending so much and without a care in the world may give rise to inferior feelings in you. He may not be feeling a thing or mind you not spending but a voice within you will always haunt you.

5. Feeling of insecurity: With such differences it is obvious for a feeling of insecurity to creep in. You might also go to the extent of thinking that you are probably not his only girlfriend.

6. Money matters may crop up: This is one very obvious reason why not to date a rich man. Maybe without any intention of hurting you but your ‘rich date’ may make a passing comment on the amount of money he has and the advantageous position he is in. It might be a simple thing for him but for you who are lesser privileged it could be very painful.

7. May be accused of digging gold: You may not have any ‘getting rich quick’ intentions but tongues do wag. When you dating a guy richer than you will be seen as digging gold.

8. He may try to control you: May be consciously or unconsciously your rich man may try to take control of you. After all he has the power of money and is better privileged than you. He may see you one in need of help and eventually control you.

9. His family may not accept you: Even if the man accepts you for what you are and has no issues with your financial status his family is sure to have serious objections.

10. May have to fight many more competitors: When a rich guy is available for a relationship there are bound to be many women competing for attention. There may also be many trying to wreck your relationship with him and win him over for themselves.

11. Tastes will differ: Having been brought up in two different environments the tastes and likes are bound to differ. It is not necessary that he likes everything you like. In fact there may be many things that matter to you he may not even consider worth noticing.

12. Company will differ: Your backgrounds, friends and people you hang out with will always be different. While you may not have a difficulty getting along with friends and folks he may difficulties.

These are definitely some of the reasons why not to date a rich man but in the end the decision lies with you. Not everything written is supposed to be true. A lot depends upon your circumstances and approach towards life.

Story first published: Sunday, January 18, 2015, 5:03 [IST]
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