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20 Reasons Why Physical Intimacy Is Important

By A Mixed Nerve
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Do you think intimacy before marriage is a wrong move to make? There are some who believe that it is! However, most modern couples believe that one of the ways to get to know the partner is by getting intimate.

The concept of getting intimate does not mean having intercourse. In this purpose, physical intimacy means being swept over by your partner's love and warmth, by a single touch, a hug or a kiss.

When there is no form of intimacy in a relationship, it begins to crumble and fall.

The reason why physical intimacy is important is that it draws the two of you together in body and soul. It helps to bind your connection and it also makes both the partners feel secured with each other. The other reason why physical intimacy is important is that it keeps you healthy, in ways you wouldn't even imagine.

Here are some of the true reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship:

It Helps You Connect

It helps you connect with your partner in ways you would never imagine.

You Get To Feel Warmth

When you get intimate with your partner, you get to feel that special warmth of love, with just a simple hug.

The Secure Feeling

By getting intimate with your partner, you tend to feel secure in this big wide world. When he wraps his arms around you, the feeling is indescribable.

Makes You Feel Important

When you are held in your lover's arms, it somehow makes you feel that you are important to your partner.

Waters Your Relationship

One of the many reasons why physical intimacy is important is because it helps to strengthen the bond of love.

Gets Your Hormones Rushing

The touch of a loved one's fingers running down your cheek or holding your hand can give you an excitement. It makes the whole body shiver!

Feeling Of Oneness

Getting intimate with your partner, makes you feel like your one in body and spirit.

The Touch Of Love

Who doesn't want to feel their partner's love and warmth? Only by getting physical with each other can one feel it.

Sense Of Belonging

It gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her after you get intimate in a relationship.

Power Of A Kiss

The power of a kiss is certainly magical! There are no words to describe how a lover's kiss can change your life.

Takes Away That Stress

If you are bogged down with stress, getting intimate can help you get rid of that tension.

No More Feeling Lonely

When you get physical in a relationship, there is no sense of feeling lonely as you know your partner's shoulder is there to lean on.

To Show Care

Getting intimate in a relationship is one of the ways to show your care and concern for your partner with a touch.

It Somehow Lessens Problems

When you are held in your partner's arms or being kissed, doesn't it take away all your burdens? It makes you float forgetting the existence of problems.

Adds That Spice To Love

One of the reasons why physical intimacy is important is because it adds spice to your relationship.

Makes You Feel Wanted

When you are in a relationship, there comes a time when you want to feel wanted by your partner. This is when you actually think that physical intimacy matters.

Reminder That Your The One

It is a gentle reminder that you are the one for your partner. It is through that magical kiss or hugs you get to know you want to be only kissed and held by this person.

Lightens Your Heart

Getting intimate with your partner in a relationship makes you feel so light in the heart if you minus the heavy pounding of excitement beating through your chest.

Brings In That Special Feeling

One of the many reasons why physical intimacy is important is because it brings in that special feeling into the relationship, especially in long-term relationships.

A Way Of Showing Love

Apart from everything else, getting intimate with your partner only means you want to show him/her the love you have inside your heart.

These all prove why physical intimacy is necessary and important. The way you connect with your partner helps you mentally and physically. Physical intimacy has always been the way to communicate as well. It helps in bring trust and respect too.

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