Four Signs You Are Dating A Lesbian

Lesbians are women who are more attracted towards other women rather then men. This attraction is not easily realised by a woman and it may take a lot of time for a woman to understand her choices and preferences.

More than a woman, it is her boyfriend who would know if he is dating a lesbian girlfriend. There are many signs she is a lesbian, all you need is to watch out and make note of her behaviour. In this article, we shall discuss a few signs she is a lesbian and the way to know if you are in a relationship with a lesbian girlfriend.


Signs She Is A Lesbian | Lesbian Girlfriend Signs | Tips To Follow In Relationships

Girlfriends - A heterosexual woman has a lot of girlfriends as a homosexual woman would have. The difference between the friendship of the two lies in their behaviour and manner in which they treat their girlfriends. For example, your lesbian girlfriend can seem to be more comfortable to talk to and be more concerned of her girlfriends than you. This is a sign she is a lesbian. The closeness of her friends with her would be seemingly odd and new for you.

Her body language - Her body language is an important sign she is a lesbian or not. Generally, lesbians have the body language that would seem more like a man and they would even have a little manly structure. Of course, not all lesbians have this type of body language and they would act like nothing different from a heterosexual. But, majority of them show more of guy characters than that of a woman. If your girlfriend has these signs of a lesbian, you must make her aware of that instead of running away from her.

Her intimacy with women - Liking the touch of another woman and being comfortable with a woman touch are some signs she is a lesbian. A lesbian woman tends to be more happy when a woman is near her than a man. She tends to get closer to women unknowingly and loves being with women. These are signs that you have a lesbian girlfriend.

Does not enjoy sex - When your girlfriend does not enjoy the sex with you or does not have an orgasm, she might just be a lesbian girlfriend. This can happen to women who are not sexually aroused by men, but more by women. If your girlfriend does not seem interested in sex not just with you but with any other man, then it is a sign that she is lesbian.

Woman porn - A woman who gets turned on or aroused by woman porn can be a lesbian girlfriend. Women who tend to be attracted more by breasts, vagina and women assets are sure lesbians. These are some signs she is a lesbian. She might not know this but you can have a small talk with her so that she may get clear in her head of her sexuality.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 19:04 [IST]
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