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Train Your Boyfriend To Become Husband

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The transformation from becoming a husband from boyfriend is never a smooth one. Men are immature and find it difficult to accept new responsibilities. So, you must train your boyfriend properly to take up the responsibilities of being a married man. Your boyfriend may be a marriage material but he may not have all the qualities you want in your husband. Don't worry, boyfriends can be trained and we will tell you how.

The qualities of a husband is hidden in your guy. Its the skill he lacks. And with proper training your boyfriend's 'husband skills' will be honed. When you meet a guy, he may appear to be a heap of raw marriage material. If you want to settle down with him, your job is to develop in him the right qualities of a husband. If you can manage to train your boyfriend well, he will be Mr. Right for you even after marriage.

Recently, there has been a lot of hue and cry about a mobile app called 'Boyfriend Trainer'. However, training is useful and you must not underestimate it. Just make sure you do not undermine your guy when you are developing husband-like qualities in him.

Here are some ways to train your boyfriend to become your husband without hurting his ego.


Let Him Pay Your Bills

After you are married, your husband is your ATM. So allow him to pay your bills even before so that he gets used to this new financial responsibility.


Accompany To Doctor

He must accompany you to the doctor. After marriage, he will have to take you to the doctor when you are ill and visa-versa.


Do The Dishes

He needs to brush up on his housework skill if he has to be a 'hands-on' husband. Let him do the dishes after dinner. He should now start doing the Sunday cleaning with you. Give him small responsibilities at a time.


Culinary Skills

Men are naturally better cooks than women. Train your guy to become the best chef for you by teaching him how to cook your favourite dishes.


Drive You To Office

It is a husband's sacred duty to drop his wife at her office and pick her up after work. Ask your boyfriend for a lift in the morning or at night. This will ensure that he learns to adjust his work timings according to yours.


Meet The Parents

He must have met your parents. Now he must start meeting your family more often. Call him over for dinner at your parents place at least once a week.


Shopping Partner

Stop shopping with your girl gang now. And start shopping with your boyfriend as it has two benefits. Your boyfriend will pay for your shopping and he will learn to be patient with you for your post-marriage shopping sprees.


Discuss Money

You need to discuss financial issues like rent, investments and insurances with him now. You both must share your individual bank details too.


Look For A House

Look for your first house as a couple together. In this way, he will know your taste when it comes to homes.


Toilet Training

Most men are not toilet trained. They leave wet towels on the floor, keep the taps running and the floor wet. So teach him to use the toilet depending on your sensibilities.

Story first published: Monday, April 1, 2013, 17:07 [IST]
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