Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

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Calling your boyfriend as Baby, Sweetu or Honey is nothing new. Many women love to give pet names to their boyfriends. It makes them feel more closer and romantic. However, there are few funny names that you should avoid. For example, calling your boyfriend as Tom because his name is Thomson is something that would definitely make him angry or upset. So, you need to pick up some cute nicknames for your boyfriend that are cute and looks nice in front of others too. Check out some cute nicknames for your boyfriend and he would surely love to hear them from you.

Cute nicknames for your boyfriend:

Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Cutiepie: If your boyfriend has a cute and charming personality, you can call him cutiepie. Just make sure your tone is really sweet. He would love to hear this nickname from you if it comes out sweetly.

Hottie: Are you dating a hot and handsome hunk? Then call him hottie. This will surely pamper his ego and make him feel wanted too. It sounds sexy and can be used with a dirty tone too!

Sugar: If your boyfriend is the 'dream guy' you always wished for, you can call him by this cute and sweet nickname. This name will boost the sweet and calm nature of your boyfriend.

Winnie: A chubby boyfriend can be given this cute nickname. Like the soft and chubby Winnie The Pooh, you can address your boyfriend.

Honey bun: A sweet, loving and caring boyfriend can be given this nickname. You can also use this name if you want to get your things done. Butter him up by using it time & again and see how it works!

Master Woody: This is a bold nickname that is really personal. A guy who is excellent in bed can be called by this bold and hot name. This name means a man who is a master! Smart guy can understand your intention and come closer to you without you even saying it directly.

Honey: This is a very common nickname that is cute and used by many women. You can address your boyfriend or husband with this cute name. Moreover, we all are well aware of this commonly used nickname. So, even if you use it to call your man in front of others, it would not sound weird.

Baby: Many girlfriends call their partners as Baby! While few men like it, there are a majority of men who hate this cute nickname. They feel offended as baby makes them feel like a young and immature child. So, if your man likes it, you can use it otherwise just keep it personal and use at times for a change. If your boyfriend or husband doesn't like this nickname then you better stop using it now!

These are some cute nicknames for your boyfriend. Do you have more names for your man?

Story first published: Friday, February 1, 2013, 13:41 [IST]
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