Change His Habits Without His Knowledge!

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Are you fed up of picking up his dirty clothes dropped on the floor? Or the kitchen being messed up after he had his food? Then, it's high time to have his habits changed. It is not that we don't love the men in our lives, but some of their weird habits become impossible to deal with. They may not do it intentionally, but these unnecessary things which they do is enough to drive us crazy.

You cannot change him but you can definitely modify his annoying habits. The best part is, you do not have to quarrel or nag, and not even tell him to change his behaviour. Want to know how you are going to do it? Then, read on and follow our advice. You will soon notice remarkable changes in your guy.

Change His Habits Without His Knowledge!

Here is what you should do in order to change his habits without him knowing about it.

Encourage The Positives: His bad habits may make you mad most of the time, but do not miss out on things which he does right. If you solely concentrate on just the bad habits while ignoring his good habits, he will never bother to correct himself. If you focus and encourage his positive behaviour, he is more likely to improve on his bad habits too, even if it is just to get a compliment from you.

The Time Factor: The last five minutes during a football match is definitely not the right time to talk! Be careful with the time you choose to talk to him about his bad habits. Approach him when he is likely to give you all his attention.

Avoid Blame Game: Do not talk to him in an accusing tone. He will either get angry or try to avoid the conversation. Instead of blaming him, try to make him understand why his certain habits bother you so much. Tell him that even though you are in a relationship, throwing away clothes and keeping dirty plates in the sink is still disrespectful.

Hear Him Too: Allow him to put forth his side too. Listen to what he has to say. There is a possibility that he never realised that his habits were reasons for you being upset. Try to understand the situation from his side too.

Have A Compromise: Find a solution that makes both of you happy. Focus on the win-win situation so that neither of you feel bad. You may be upset with his habits but there is no need to make things miserable for any of you. Don't make him feel attacked, and at the same time be firm about what you want.

Love Him Regardless: No man is devoid of faults and your man is no exception either. So, love him in spite of all his annoying habits. It might look odd to see that these are the same habits which made you fall in love with him at one point of time. So, don't hate your man for his faults. Your love will surely bring about the needed changes in him.

The bottom line is that your man will always have shortcomings. You cannot eliminate his human faults completely. So, love him, accept him and don't let petty things spoil the fun.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 3:30 [IST]
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