5 Things Women Want From Men

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It is believed that understanding a woman is the most difficult chapter in life. Men can't understand women and vice versa. Even famous writers and authors have written thousands of books to read what women and men want from each other. However, the confused or shy characteristic of a woman keeps a man bewildered. So, if you want to know what women actually want from their men, check out...

5 things women want from their men:

5 Things Women Want From Men

Love, love and love: This is one of the basic things that women want from their men. Being loved is one of the most cherished and desired wishes of a person. Even if you love your lady, you have to assure her every now and then. Men find it difficult to express their love and feelings towards their women and that is why, women always feel that their men are only behind them to fulfill his basic needs. Every woman in this world would want this from her man.

Fill my empty ring finger: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. We all know that. Even men do, but they pretend to act smart by avoiding this fetish of their women. Getting proposed to with a solitaire or a favourite diamond ring is what women would always want from their men. So, if she is showing off her empty finger to you every now and then, take the hint!

Shopping: Women love shopping. That is why they always want their men to shop with them. Men on the other hand do not like this habit of women. It is not because of finances only, but men are not into shopping like women. They pick up what they like immediately and do not like entering many shops in a confused state of mind.

A romantic candle light dinner: Women are really romantic! They would want to go on a date with their men. Nothing can be more tempting and romantic than a candle light dinner. Women expect that their men will surprise them with a candle light dinner.

Honesty is the best policy: Okay so you want to sleep but your woman has forced you to watch a romantic flick. You end up sleeping while your woman is watching the flick expecting you are taking mental notes. When she catches you sleeping, she will get upset. So, be honest and tell her before that you do not like romantic flicks! If you be honest, you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and fights.

Be protective not possessive: Well, you should not try to show your possessiveness. There is a thin line between protectiveness and possessiveness. Being protective when she is around a lot of men is something she would love but showing possessiveness by stopping her from living her life her own way is something she would hate. If you want the freedom to hang out with friends for a beer or watch a cricket match at friend's place, then she would also expect some time with her friends.

These are few things that women want from their men. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 8:01 [IST]
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