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The 3 Phases Of Love

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Everyone relates love to emotions, feelings or basic needs. Love is a chemistry that develops between two people. We all think that love can only develop when you have a good chemistry with each other.

When we fall in love, we often get confused in the beginning. In short, there are many stages of love that we all go through. The few phases of love are lust, attraction and bonding. You agree or not, every individual goes through either of the phases when in love. While one pauses in the first or second phase, there are many people who finish the three phases of love. If you are in love, you got to know about these phases.

The 3 Phases Of Love

3 Phases of love:

Lust: This is a basic type of love that develops in the mind and heart of every individual. However, the time when you realize and express varies from person to person. Believe it or not, this feeling of love is all dependent on hormones. Testosterone and Estrogen (male and female hormones) play a dominant role in determining the desires of physical love. These hormones are produced in the testis of men and ovaries of women. They make you develop a lust feeling towards a person you like. When you start liking a person, you immediately enter this phase of love. Many people feel that lust is a part of love. However, few try to land up on the ladder by entering the second phase but, there are many who stick to this basic need of love. That is why, relationships based on physical love has become a trend.

Attraction: The first and second phase of love goes in the same line. When you see a person and like their appearance and nature, you start getting attracted towards him/her. The urge to be more with the person you are attracted to makes you develop some adrenaline rush. You try to find out reasons to speak to him/her. This impatience occurs due to the adrenal hormones- adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones affect your mental state and makes you impatient. That is why, when you are attracted to someone, you tend to spend sleepless nights or avoid food. The excitement to get that person in our life becomes so high that you cannot concentrate on anything else.

Bonding: This is another phase of love that develops when you get attached to a person. The attachment can be physical or mental. When two like-minded people start interacting with each other, a bonding develops between the couple. The bonding can develop either from physical attachment or from the mental support that you get from your partner. When you start bonding, you tend to be with your partner the most.

These are the 3 phases of love. Have you been through either of the phase?

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Story first published: Friday, December 14, 2012, 19:04 [IST]
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