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6 Party Rules That Couples Should Follow

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Some arguments are classified as 'after party' fights in the couple dictionary. They usually begin with statements like 'why were you checking her out..' or 'why did you tell your friend..' etc. Every happy couple has had these fights and most often they are not very serious. But to save yourself some heartburn after a rocking party, you must follow some ground rules.

These basic party rules can help you avoid fights after coming home. If you are a happy couple, you certainly don't want to hurt your partner. Most of the fights after parties happen due to simple misunderstandings. Sometimes, there is a difference in the perspective of the two genders and thus it is important to follow party rules.

Party Rules

Party rules are not rules of propriety, they are merely guidelines for avoiding fights with your partner. Here are some of the most useful party rules that you must follow.

1. Never greet her friend as 'hey beautiful': If you do, you are done for life. First of all your girlfriend or wife will ask you if the friend you greeted is more beautiful than her. When you answer 'no', she will not be convinced for sure.

2. Never cheer for his friends: If you are playing party games like cards, poker or even going out bowling, never hoot for your guy's friends. It is your duty to back your guy and no one else. He will take it personally and he would be right in doing so.

3. Do not leech: If you can check out the other girls at the party slyly then go ahead . But never look at other other girls in an obvious way. If your girl notices, you are in trouble.

4. Don't start a fight: There is usually a girl at the centre of most fights that break out at parties. If you feel that your guy's friends are making a pass at you, then deal with it sternly. Don't run to your man like a little girl for such things. He will never tell you but he will resent you for breaking his friendships.

5. Don't get too cozy with her: If you start getting too close to her for comfort, she may not take it well. Your girl will think that you are treating her like an arm candy or showing her off to your friends.

6. Never take examples from personal life: If a discussion about secret to healthy relationships starts in the party, never quote examples from your own life. This makes your partner feel that you are demonstrating your personal life.

These are the 6 golden party rules that you should follow in order to be a happy couple. Have you done any of these party blunders before?

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 17:47 [IST]
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