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How To Write A Perfect Love Letter?

Want to woo and win her in the traditional way? Then what you need is some tips on how to write love letters. It is quite simple to get it right. If you need a formula for a perfect love letter then it doesn't exist. You can definitely get guidelines but they won't be any good until you know the temperament of the person you are writing to. Filling paper with super romantic phrases might not be the best way to impress your beloved if she is the intellectual types.

Here are some guidelines on how to write a love letter that suits the taste of the person you are wrting to.

Tips To Write Love Letter:

1. Choose Theme: You have to choose an aspect that he or she likes as the central theme of your perfect love letter. It can be football or her favorite movie. The theme includes the writing pad, the graphics, the colour of ink and even the font in which you write. Everything contributes to creating the perfect ambiance to express your love.

2. Handwritten Vs Typed: Handwritten love letters are always more successful because there is that special personal touch to it. Typed letters are formal and impersonal but you can opt for them if you choose anonymity.

3. Beginning Tells The Day: You must begin the letter in such a way that the person reads it to the end. If you write a love letter that begins with spark less cliched lines then your beloved may not even bother to go through to the end.

4. Make It Funny But Not Cocky: You can make use of your sense of humour but in a judicious way. Make it funny but only so long as it remains within the realm of 'good' humour. If you know the person reading it doesn"t have a sense of humour then don't stretch your luck too far.

5. Steer Clear From Ambiguity: Do not get lost in the labyrinth of flowery romantic phrases and divert from the point. You have to give the message quite clearly that you love him/her and wish to take it forward from their.

6. Seek But Don't Beg: There are many ways to express love. When you express love you have to always go down on your knees but do not exalt the person you are in love with so much that it goes over their head. Seek their love but no not beg for it.

7. Insert Some Excerpts: If you know that your beloved loves a particular novel or song then quote some lines from it in your perfect love letter. Do not begin with quoted lines because it seems unoriginal.

8. End In Style: You have to end your master piece in such a way that it leaves a lasting impact on the reader. It should end with a bang.

Use these relationship tips to write a love letter that gets you your best match.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 16:52 [IST]
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