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Why Girls Love Vampires? Check Out..

Loving a vampire is the new passion among girls. So how did the passion come all of a sudden? The credit goes to Edward (Robert Pattinson) of the Twilight series and Harry Potter to name a few. The romance towards paranormal characters is taking a new turn in the world of Love!

If one decides whom they want to romance with; vampire, werewolves, Dracula or any such creature which belong to the paranormal world then the reason behind this attraction towards vampires are the authors.

Certain vampire books like Heart of the Wolf, Lover Eternal, Vampire Academy and Twilight series have created an attraction towards imaginary vampires. Lets see why girls love vampires:

1. The imaginary characters add to the dreams. Vampires like Edward has been portrayed as a romantic vampire which has made girls imagine all the vampires in the same way. The vampires are also good looking actors like Harry Potter, Jacob and Edward paranormal creatures who are hunks!

2. Vampires don't like to hang around with friends as they don't have any! Vampires are like loners so they can give more time to their girlfriend.

3. One of the most common reason behind girls loving vampires is that vampires are pure bad boys. Dating bad boys is a dream of majority of girls. Yes! Vampires are not answerable to no one, lives by his own rules, is powerful, dangerous, wears nice clothes and most importantly, vampires are hated by millions of people. Therefore, he becomes a man whom your mom doesn't say 'Yes!'

4. Girls love vampires because they are extremely powerful. High blood diet and phenomenal shape add them to the wish list of the girl. Vampires are not just physically powerful but mentally too as they are highly manipulative.

5. Vampires will stay with you forever as they are immortal. The different behavior also adds to their attractive robust personality.

6. Girls love vampires as these paranormal creatures are romantic. The dark and mysterious side of the vampires make them wild and hot on bed. The full moon adds to the romantic mood so they set up the perfect situation to make love. Moreover, dating bad boys is sensual as they don't talk much so a better moment of lovemaking!

7. The eternal love of the vampires make the girls go crazy as he make her feel like the only woman he has been searching for centuries. Also, the speed makes them come anytime, anywhere to meet their better half!

8. Vampires are aggressive which make them carry the bad boy image perfectly.

9. The vampires love the neck which is one of the most sensitive area to get a woman aroused. This makes them a hot favorite in the girls wish list.

10. Vampires dress well which make them an attractive personality. Remember Edward's dresses in the Twilight series?

These points prove why girls love vampires. So, try to show the vampire side and win her love!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 13:14 [IST]
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