If Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant – What To Do?

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Pregnant Girlfriend
You were happy flirting with your girlfriend and one find day she walks up to you and tells you that she is pregnant, how do you react?. If happy, then it is 'ok' but if you had never even thought about it then it needs to be dealt carefully. Take a look to know how to react if your girlfriend is pregnant.

Happy news or sad news, these things are difficult to digest as there is a big load of responsibilities waiting at your back. You cannot break her heart and look like a cheat or neither can you be ready for the baby, what to do? Well, look for these relationship tips.

Reacting And Dealing With Girlfriend Who Is Pregnant -

1. If she is too young and can change her mind for you, try to convince her that there is time to start a family and about your future plans, saving money, higher education etc etc. May be this will give her confidence of having a better future and think different.

2. If your girlfriend is old enough and is independent, then you can think about settling with your girlfriend and starting a family life. Money saving, higher education can happen with your spouse and child, all that needs is determination and understanding.

3. Mistakes happen so worrying about the consequences will not resolve the issues. Make up your mind and convey things looking into her eyes. May be your girlfriend will understand and make plans accordingly.

4. So what if you are not ready for a baby, there isn't anything wrong in caring and showing the same amount of love and respect to your pregnant girlfriend. This will prepare her to take up the big job of the mother with pride.

5. In life, you definitely need a wife, so what if things are happening to you early, you need to be proud enough and accept the fact so that moving on with the new life gets easier.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 17:47 [IST]
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