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Please Stay Away From Online Dating

There are many incidents which have happened in the past in relation to online dating where either the boy or girl was in deep danger and have even lost their life over this silly service if you might call it!

If you are sitting at your computer right now and googling the best online dating sites, keep in mind these dangers of online dating sites before you enter your name in that little white user name space.

1.You are true to yourself and with all hope in search of true love. But, have you thought for a second if there are people who are just like you signing up on these online dating sites? After a search done, it showed that the most common danger of online dating was that most of the males enrolled are either married looking for a single woman just to have an affair and trust me you don't want that!

2.Another danger of online dating is that the information you upload on yourself is all misused and there was one instance when the picture of a close friend was put up on a porn site which was unbelievable! All Online dating sites have a description where you need to fill your profile, so be careful not to fill in too much of personal information as it can be really risky for you.

3.One last thing to keep in mind if you join an online dating site is to never trust the person at once. Learn the true side of him/her and then show interest. One of the most common dangers of online dating is that some who sign up just come with the onset of passing time without actually looking for true love, which you might be looking for , so try not to get lured into wrong hands.

Beware the dangers of online dating for you might be the next victim to not fall in love but rather the person to stop believing in love!

Story first published: Friday, April 8, 2011, 16:46 [IST]
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