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Bhai Dooj 2019: Here's Why A Brother-Sister Bond Is A Special One!

There is no denying that the relationship with sibling (s) is the longest relationship that one can have in his or her life. It starts when your sibling is born in the first place. Even though brother and sister may fight all the time, they share a bond that is completely different yet adorable. In order to acknowledge this love, we celebrate the Bhai Dooj festival during Diwali. This year the festival will be celebrated on 29 October 2019, Tuesday.

At times, you may wonder 'why you have siblings', but the bond between a brother and sister is one of the best things that you can experience in your life. Here are some points that can tell you why the relationship between brothers and sisters is the best thing.

They Have Better Compatibility

Siblings are always together right from their birth and therefore, they learn to have compatibility with each other and stay together. They do all sorts of things together. Though there can be small fights and arguments, their relationship grows to be stronger with every passing day. Even if brothers and sisters get furious on each other, their bond is unbreakable.

They Know Each Other Quite Well

Since they are together right from childhood days, brothers and sisters are quite aware of each other. A brother and sister are very well aware of each other's secret crush, marks obtained in the exam and about the relationships. They not only know each other but also tend to keep each other's secrets.

They Always Have Each Other's Back

Even if brothers and sisters keep on fighting for the entire day, they will come to each other's rescue and will make efforts to safeguard each other. Brothers will make sure that no one teases their sisters and to break the face of those who dare to tease their sister (s). Similarly, sisters will make sure to protect their brothers from the scoldings by their parents.

They Love Annoying Each Other

There are no such brothers and sisters who have never teased their sisters. Such as brothers might say to their sisters, 'You are looking fat.' Doesn't matter if she isn't fat. Similarly, there are sisters who say that their brothers are no less than a clown. The reason why brothers and sisters tease each other is they love to see each other laughing and happy.

They Never Give Up On Each Other

Even if a brother and sister become angry at each other and take an oath to never speak to each other, they tend to have extreme belief in each other. They know what their brother or sister is capable of doing and therefore, they don't easily give up on each other.

We hope the above points made you nostalgic about your brother-sister bond. Wish you a Happy Bhai Dooj!

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