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Why Is Being Alone Sometimes Better Than Being In A Bad Relationship?

Relationships don't guarantee happiness; being in a relationship should not be the ultimate goal of life other than staying truly happy. According to a study, the quality of one's dating relationships during adolescence has a huge impact on shaping their attitudes and behaviours relevant to future intimate partnerships, and also on their own identity development, self-esteem and interpersonal skills. [1]

When it comes to dating, people are perplexed; they fear being in bad relationships. But they also fear being alone, so they settle for individuals who don't live up to their ideals, just for the sake of having a support system or simply because the idea of being in a relationship gives them peace of mind.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, here is why you should reconsider your decision and think about being alone rather than with someone on bad terms.

1. The ultimate freedom

Limits are important in all relationships. Problems arise when your partner pushes those boundaries and restrict your independence in some way or the other. This makes you realise that sometimes being alone is preferable to having a poor relationship. When you are single or alone, you don't have to justify yourself to someone.

2. Helps you find happiness within you

Everybody deserves to be cherished, praised, and content. This is why, if you are in a relationship that can't provide you with these feelings, perhaps it's time to move out of the zone and start finding happiness within yourself or with your actions, rather than depending on others. Being alone gives you plenty of time to reassess your goals and pursue the activities that give you pleasure. You will have enough chances to learn more about who you are and what makes you happy.

3. Rebuilds the lost self-esteem

Low self-esteem thoughts like "I am not good enough for anyone" or " I am not pretty for anyone else" or "I don't deserve a better person in life" define an unhealthy relationship. This could be because of being treated in a way that damaged your self-esteem and made you feel worthless and insignificant. Being in a relationship definitely does not mean any of these feelings. Therefore, now is the time to start rebuilding your importance again, even if sometimes it makes you look selfish. Never forget that your well-being should be your top-most priority.

4. Not being taken for granted

Relationships seem so perfect in the beginning. However, soon after, one partner starts taking the other for granted, everything seems less perfect. This may not be the case in all relationships, as some people do value their partner at all stages of life. But if you feel you're being taken for granted often, you have to reconsider your relationship.

5. Peace of mind

There are ups and downs in any relationship. If the fights or arguments between you and your partner have become a routine that is interfering with the quality of your life, it's time to get separated and stay alone with some peace of mind. This phase is important as it allows you to realise your self-worth and how you deserve to be treated by others. It's also the time to forgive yourself, surround yourself with positive people, and not let your future relationships be affected.

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