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8 Types Of Relationship You Need To Avoid At Any Cost

No relationships are perfect in this world. Every relationship has its own share of flaws. But one can make it strong and a happy one by putting effort into it. Still, there can be times when you and your partner have some differences which may lead to conflicts in your relationship. But in that case, instead of breaking up, you work with your partner to sort out the problem. Doing so will save your relationship from hitting a dead end.

Unfortunately, there are some relationships that one must avoid as it is never a good idea to stay in a toxic relationship. Staying away from a toxic and exhausting relationship will always save you from heartbreak. We have mentioned down a few relationships that you must avoid. Read on:

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1. The Relationship With No Label

Though your partner may do all those things that a partner does, he/she won't admit being in a relationship with you. Instead, your partner will refer to you as his/her cousin or friend. Even if he/she meets you every now and then, spends time with you, makes future plans and does many other lovey-dovey things, he/she will never accept you as his/her partner. You will be introduced as a relative, colleague or friend. This could be because your partner doesn't want to commit to you or is uncomfortable to call you his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

2. The Which Is Controlling And Manipulative

A relationship where one of the partners controls and manipulates all the time is never a healthy relationship. It is a good thing to care about your partner and ensure he/she is doing the right thing. But if your partner controls your every single move and decision all the time, then this shows that you are in a wrong relationship. It is better to walk out of such a relationship where you never feel free to think or do something or your partner always manipulates you according to him/her.

3. The Relationship Built On Lies And Distrust

In a relationship, trust is one of the most important factors to keep the relationship strong and healthy. But if the foundation of your relationship is blatant lies and infidelity, then this can lead to severe problems in the relationship. Initially, people think telling lies once or twice won't harm much but they are wrong as the consequences may not be immediate. The moment your partner lies to you, it eventually leads to inviting misunderstandings and heartbreak. So, if you find your partner being dishonest in the relationship, there is no point in staying in such a relationship.

4. The One Where Your Partner Gaslights You

It can be a good thing if your partner tells you where you are wrong and if you have any other flaws. But if your partner constantly gaslights you that means he/she says that you are incapable of being a good partner or a friend or you are not a sane person, then this can be a toxic relationship. Your partner makes you believe that you are a crazy person and you can never be good to others. In such a case, it is better to move away from your relationship and live a better life.

5. The Relationship Full Of Drama

Does your partner always create unnecessary drama, especially when you are with your friends, colleagues, family, etc? You may find your partner unnecessarily digging up to old fights and creating a scene in the public. Your partner may go to any extent to seek your attention and to portray you as a bad and toxic partner. He/she may overreact to almost everything when you are around people. If this is your relationship, then you need to think if it is worth staying in it or not.

6. The One Where Your Opinion Never Matters

It is not at all a wise decision to stay in a relationship where your partner never considers your opinions. He/she may pay no attention to your opinions and will consider them as useless. You need to understand that in a relationship the opinion of both the partners should be equally important. But if you feel that your partner is not at all respecting your thoughts, opinions and perspective then it is better to stay away from such a relationship.

7. The Secretive Relationship

If you and your partner are proud to be with each other and feel that you are with the right one, then hiding your relationship from others is not necessary. Though it can be possible that you may not want to disclose your relationship initially, hiding it from people even when both of you have been together for a long time is not a good thing. Your partner may ask you not to come out in public and won't even introduce you to his loved ones. Being in such a relationship is not at all worthy.

8. The One Where Your Partner Keeps Going Back To His/Her Ex

This can be a nasty relationship, for sure. While you may be planning to take your partner on a short trip, your partner may seem to be going back to his/her ex. No matter what you do, your partner will never seem tired of mentioning his/her ex. Even after being in a relationship with you, your partner may never seem to have moved on from his/her past relationship. Being in such a relationship may bring heartbreak to you as your partner is still thinking about his/her ex.

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We are not cupids and therefore, you don't have to believe us blindly. If you are not happy and comfortable in your relationship, then it is never good to advocate for the same. Moving out from a toxic and unhappy relationship is a great decision.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 15:45 [IST]
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