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7 Signs That Will Help You To Recognise A Controlling Friend

Not all friendships are healthy, even if you like your friend and cannot stay without them. While in a healthy friendship, one tries to be respectful, helpful towards you, in an unhealthy friendship, the person may have a problem with your independent life and act as your superior or worse will bully you whenever they will get a chance.

Also, they may be bossy and demanding. In case, you are not able to recognise a controlling person, then these 7 signs will definitely give you hints whether you have a healthy friendship or not.

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1. They Decide What Happens When

Taking charge of your own life is healthy but when you see your person is controlling the decisions you are making, then it is a sign that you need to ditch them right now. These people will make you feel that you are not entitled to your own opinions.

They will often monitor your activities and point out your mistakes always to make you feel worthless.


2. They Expect You To Obey Them

Since they are the one who prefers making most of the decisions, they expect you to accede to whatever they decide for you. This is because they believe whatever they are doing is right. Such as they may ask you not to spend time with your other friends and will criticise your choices. They love when you behave like an obedient child and not as someone who has own opinions and thoughts.


3. They Want You To Listen To Them

Whether you like anything or not, your opinion flies out of the window. If your friend asks you to do something, that means it has to be followed, word by word. This can be one of the signs that you are having a controlling friend. The person will become aggressive, the moment you don't listen to him/her or do things on your own. You will get to face their harsh behaviour and never-ending drama on and off. He or she will then manipulate you and make you feel guilty for not listening to them. They may mock at you or taunt you for not listening to them.


4. They Often Argue Over Little Things

These people enjoy arguing to prove themselves right and put the whole blame on your head. Even if the issue isn't big, your controlling friend will argue in a strange manner. Such as he or she may fight if you do not pick their call or reply immediately. Also, he or she will often remind you of your mistakes and flaws to make feel inferior and guilty for the problems arising from your friendship.


5. They Hardly Care For Your Likes And Dislikes

Controlling friends will hardly care about your choices as they are always concerned about themselves. They consider themselves above all. Therefore, they never bother about what you want or what makes you upset. Instead, they will often impose their choices on you. They will ignore your problems, likes, dislikes and things that make you upset. Moreover, they will feel jealous when you interact with some other friends or get close to someone else. At times, you may find them abusive as well.


6. They Will Intrude Your Personal Space

People who have a controlling personality will not shy away from intruding on your personal space. It is obvious for close friends to share every little detail about themselves. But controlling friends will never allow you to enjoy your space and will be on their toes to know everything about you. They do not understand that everyone has their own space and therefore, it is one's personal choice to decide if a person wants to share anything with someone or not.


7. They Crave For Everyone’s Attention

These people are always hungry for attention. In order to gain your undivided attention, they tend to isolate you from other people. They will never hesitate before calling you at odd hours to share their problems. Also, at times, they may ask you to come to them and console them. They want everyone to find time for them, but they will never do that themselves.

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If you are clueless as to how to break this vicious and unhealthy friendship then take the help of a trustworthy friend. No matter how hard your controlling friend tries to bully you and make you feel worthless, know that you deserve all good things in life.

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Story first published: Monday, February 17, 2020, 16:40 [IST]