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13 Signs That You May Be A Bad Girlfriend

Not everyone likes to admit their mistakes and flaws to our partners, especially when they are in a relationship. At times couples may play the blame game on each other rather than solving the problem. Also, sometimes we overlook the problems simply for the sake of your relationship.

It is okay to overlook small problems, but over a period of time when it starts increasing, then you start to think that probably you deserve a better partner.

We have listed 15 signs, why you may be a bad girlfriend and what you need to change.


1. You Often Doubt Him

Trust is one of the strongest pillars of any relationship. Feeling highly suspicious, the moment he interacts with any of his female colleague, clearly shows that you have trust issues. Checking his phone, the moment you get a chance or eavesdropping when he is interacting with other people can make you a bad girlfriend. Doubting your partner for no valid reasons is not a healthy thing to do and this may affect your relationship in a negative way.


2. You Never Believe In Giving Space To Him

It's good that you want to spend more and more time with your man but then refusing to give him his personal space, is quite wrong. All of us need our personal space to feel relaxed and some 'me-time'. Not giving him his personal space, shows you hardly respect his boundaries. This can cause problems in your relationship and no doubt makes you a bad girlfriend.


3. You Expect Him To Change

Instead of becoming a better person yourself, you always point fingers at your partner. ,Constantly asking your boyfriend/husband to change his behaviour can break a relationship. It can be possible that your partner has some flaws and needs to improve himself but then trying to change him completely is also not a good thing.


4. Your Relationship Status Is ‘Single’ On Social Media

Portraying your relationship status as 'single' on social media platforms while you are in a steady relationship is a sign that you may not be a good girlfriend. It is okay to not share details about your relationship with people around you or about the person you are dating, but then calling yourself as single when you have a boyfriend, means you are not serious in your present relationship.


5. You Have Cheated On Your Partner

Now, this can be one of the biggest signs that tell you may be a bad girlfriend. If you have cheated on your partner and do not feel guilty for doing so, then you are not a faithful person . Cheating is only about getting physical with someone other than your partner, it can be also about sending flirty texts and being cosy with someone other than your partner. If you have been doing so for all this time, then you may not be a good girlfriend.


6. You Rarely Apologise For Your Mistakes

Do you hate seeking forgiveness for your mistakes or find it hard to apologise when it is your fault? Do you expect your partner to apologise to you even if it is your fault? If this is the case, then chances are that you are the victim of your own ego.

Apologising for your mistakes will never make you inferior. In fact, it means that you value your relationship more.


7. You Are Too Demanding

People who are emotionally stable and independent seem quite attractive to others. Nobody likes to be in a relationship where only one person is making all the efforts, while the other one is least bothered. So, if you are always dependent on your boyfriend for everything for never-ending demands, then this is not a positive sign. It is never bad to expect your partner to excel in his life and have a flourishing career, but then putting unrealistic and childish demands for materialistic things, shows you may be a bad girlfriend.


8. You Constantly Criticise His Choices

There is a possibility that you and your partner may not have similar choices. You may not agree with his choices and also feel annoyed at times. But that doesn't mean you can criticise his choices and preferences. Doing so will make your partner feel less confident and he may feel inferior.


9. You Are Always Jealous Of Women Around Him

There are times when you may feel jealous when there are too many women around your partner. But if this has become your habit, then you need to change this attitude. If you are always jealous of your partner's female friends, then there is a possibility you are you have insecurities.


10. You Do Not Feel Bad While Flirting With Other Men

How would you feel if your partner goes around and flirt with other women? You may not approve it always, right? Your partner may feel the same if you are always being flirty with other men.

At times you may feel flirting isn't a bad thing and you can easily get away with it. But if you are habituated of flirting with other men and think it is another way of being friendly with men around you, then this is a red flag.


11. You Often Control His Decisions

Let's get one thing straight, nobody likes to be controlled in arelationship. If you always want to get things done your way then your relationship may soon hit a dead end. You cannot control your partner's actions all the time and if you do, it may suffocate them over a period of time.


12. You Don’t Let Him Hang Out With His Friends

If you don't let your partner hang out with his friends for no reason, it means that you do not care for his happiness. You need to understand that there are many other people in your partner's life and therefore, he needs to give equal time to each one of them. Stopping him from spending time with his friends shows your negative side.


13. You Always Point Out His Mistakes

Every person has some flaws or the other and no one is perfect. Therefore, expecting your partner to be a perfect person is not a wise thing to do in a relationship. Pointing out his mistakes now and then, trying to change his behaviour, and creating a scene is not a polite thing to do. When you point fingers at your partner, you unknowingly hurt their sentiments. Such kind of behaviour will eventually, bring problems in your relationship.


14. You Do Not Respect Your Partner

In a relationship, mutual respect is one of the essential things. As a human too, you need to respect your partner. Treating your boyfriend as a slave, servant or someone who deserves no respect, shows you may be a bad girlfriend. You need to understand that disrespecting your partner won't make your relationship stronger. It will eventually lead to conflicts in your relationship.


15. You Have No Respect For His Family And Friends

Loving your partner doesn't mean that all you need is to respect your partner. All of us love our family and friends and therefore, it is essential that both of you show respect to each other's friends and family. On the other hand, constantly disrespecting your boyfriend's parents and friends every time, shows you are not a good girlfriend.

So, time to change for good, don't you think?

Story first published: Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 7:30 [IST]