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7 Ways In Which You Can Deal With Your Over-Protective Boyfriend

Love is a great feeling and life appears to be beautiful when you have someone who loves you unconditionally. But, we also need to accept that maintaining a relationship is not a cakewalk and therefore, there will be obstacles too. You may go through a tough time. At times you may feel that your boyfriend is being overprotective and that can be a constant issue for you. In such a case, you may feel the urge to not only retain your freedom and space but also strike a balance in your relationship. In order to help you out from this precarious situation, we are here to tell you some ways in which you can deal with your over-protective boyfriend.

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1. Find Out Why He Is Over-Protective

Before reaching any conclusion and thinking that your boyfriend isn't a good person, you can find out the reason behind his over-protective attitude. Maybe he had some bitter experiences during his childhood that compelled him to develop this attitude. Or maybe he is just trying to protect you from people having bad intentions.


2. Talk To Him And Come To A Conclusion

No problem can be solved without having a proper discussion. You can try to fix things by talking the same with your boyfriend. Make sure you convey your message in a proper way so that it gives the other person a chance to understand your thoughts or perspectives. For example, if he doesn't want you to stay out during odd hours, you can ask him to pick you from your office it is too late at night or too early in the morning. This can be useful in the long run and bonding between you both will grow as well.


3. Try Not To Over React

If he prohibits you from doing something or asks you not to hang out with certain people who he doesn't like, it can ruin your relationship forever. Try not to overreact, especially in public. You can talk about it later. Overreacting will not only worsen the situation but it will bring more difficulties to you. Also, seeing your reaction, your boyfriend may shout at you or make you feel humiliated.


4. Explain Your Perspectives To Him

If you think your boyfriend is being irrational and is unnecessarily setting rules for you, then you can explain your perspectives to him. You can let him know that you can take care of yourself and there is nothing to worry about so much about it. Maybe he thinks that you need protection or you can't figure out what's right or wrong and therefore, it is important to explain your point of view.


5. Introduce Your Friends To Him

Due to safety concerns, your boyfriend may feel that not everyone around you is trustworthy or have good intentions. So if he doesn't want you to hang out with certain friends, then it is better that you introduce them to each other. This way your boyfriend will get to know about your friends and will be able to understand your bonding with them.


6. Do Not Depend On Him

If you want your boyfriend to stop being overprotective for you, then it is better that you avoid being dependent on him always or anybody else for that matter. Take charge of your own safety and make sure whatever you do is good for you in the long run. If you are unable to take a stand for yourself, he may feel that you need protection and that it is okay over-protective.


7. Avoid Accepting His Behaviour Every Time

You may feel that your boyfriend's intentions are just to protect you and save you from any mishaps. But if you feel suffocated by his behaviour then it is your responsibility to let him know. You have to make him understand that you can take proper care of yourself. Moreover, if you find that he is trying to impose his decisions on you, then it is okay to decline them and do what you feel is right for you. Understand that self-care is not selfish.

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It is obvious for couples to care for their partners. But worrying and caring are two different things. We all need to understand that we cannot worry and love a person at the same time. Similarly, trust is the foundation of every relationship and one should have faith in their partner if they are in a relationship.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 16:59 [IST]
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