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6 Ways To Help Yourself If You Have A Controlling Boyfriend

Most of us expect the world to be our way and when it doesn't happen we feel disappointed. This is human nature which is quite normal, but there are some humans who feel the urge to control everything around them. Such people become quite restless when they are unable to control things or people around them.

Dear women, if your boyfriend is the same then it is pretty obvious that your love life is a complete mess. Well, you don't have to worry anymore as we have brought some tips for you to deal with your controlling boyfriend.

6 Powerful Tips That May Help You To Deal With Your Rude Boyfriend

1. Check Why He Interferes In Everything

In order to handle your boyfriend's controlling behaviour, it is highly necessary for you to know the root cause of his controlling behaviour. A bad childhood, insecurities as a teenager or adult, being cheated by someone- all these can be the root cause behind your boyfriend's controlling behaviour.

In such a situation, you should try to talk about the same with your partner. Showing love to your boyfriend can help him in getting over his insecurities.

2. Try To Communicate With Him And Convey Your Message

It might be possible that your boyfriend is unaware of the consequences of his controlling behaviour. In such a case, you can talk to your boyfriend about how his behaviour is hurting you. While you are talking about this, make sure you are calm and honestly convey what is in your heart. You can say how does his behaviour hurts you and that he can at least try for a few days to behave in a different manner.

Your boyfriend will surely understand this if he truly loves you and will try to improve his attitude.

3. Avoid Accepting His Controlling Behaviour

If you are always accepting the controlling behaviour of your boyfriend, you are kind of giving your approval as well, that you are okay with it. Therefore, he will get a message that this is normal and who knows his behaviour will become worse in the future? Initially, you might think that your boyfriend will change and therefore, you choose to accept and stay calm on your boyfriend's controlling behaviour but trust us it never works like that.

Take a stand for yourself and help him in the process as well.

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4. Stick To What You Think Is Right For You

At times, your boyfriend will ask you to do things that seem right to him and will try to control every single move. He will control your every choice which is not good at all. You should stick to what seems right to you.

If your boyfriend asks you to quit your career for him, you don't have to accede to it. If you think a particular decision will benefit you in the long run, even if it unacceptable to your controlling boyfriend, then you can proceed with what your heart says is right.

5. Don't Make Your Relationship The Centre Of Your Life

It is pretty obvious that your boyfriend will try to control your relationship with your friends as well and will show disagreement over this. So that he is the only person left in your life, and he gets all the attention.

But you don't have to make your relationship, the center of your life. You can have a life outside of your relationship and ask your partner for some space. You can meet and hang out with your friends as per your convenience and do things that make you happy.

6. Stop Being Dependent On Him

In order to get over your boyfriend's controlling behaviour, stop being dependent on your boyfriend. Seeking validation and assurance from your boyfriend can be acceptable at some point in time, but it can worsen over time if this is what happens on a regular basis.

Therefore, try to become self-dependent rather than being dependent on your boyfriend. Take decisions on your own and if you feel the need to do so, then you can ask the opinion of your boyfriend. But do not rely on your boyfriend for everything.

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Even after you have tried everything, your boyfriend nowhere seems to improve his controlling behaviour, then you should rethink about whether to proceed or not with this person. What matters the most is if both of you are happy in the relationship. After all, a relationship is meant to make you feel happy and not suffocated.

Story first published: Saturday, October 12, 2019, 12:15 [IST]
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