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Friendship Day 2021: Different Types Of Friends We All Have In Our Lives

One can never define friendship in a few lines. It is a thing for a lifetime as we all need friends in every phase of our life. Throughout your life, you will come across new people and develop a friendly bond with them. But have you ever paid attention to how your friends differ from each other? You may find one of your friends to be quite emotional, while the other may seem more like a mentor to you.

While some of our friends are just practical, others can be extremely emotional. At times, even if you aren't a party animal, you may end up being friends with a person having the same personality trait. There's nothing wrong with having variations in your friend circle. If you are wondering whether your friends are actually different from each other, then read this article below to find out the types of friends we all have.


1. The Forever Loyal Friend

There is no doubt that everyone loves to have them in their friend circle. He/she will always be honest and loyal to you. You can always be assured that he/she won't speak behind your back. In fact, he/she is the one who will always fight against those who badmouth you. This kind of friend will always have your back and will never turn disloyal to you.


2. The One Who Is A Parent Figure

Whether it is a minor detail related to your health or your career, you will always have a friend who knows everything about you. It would be no wrong to say that you will find him/her no less than your parents. He/she will ensure that you do not consume anything that may affect your health in an adverse manner. Not only this, but this friend will always be on his/her toes to ensure if you are doing the right thing or not.


3. The One Who Gives You Best Advice

No matter if it is about what you should wear to the party or if you should consider taking extra classes, this friend will always give you the best advice. You know that he/she will never fail at suggesting what is best for you. You will always find him/her to be inspiring, admiring and hardworking.


4. The One Who Is Brutally Honest

This is a kind of friend who will never fear to be brutally honest with you. He/she will always tell you what's wrong with you. In case, your fashion sense is not so good, your brutally honest friend will tell you about the same. He/she will make you realize your fault without using any sugar-coated word. You will always get to hear words like, ‘you don't deserve a person like him/her', ‘you are responsible for your own problems' or ‘your XYZ habit is quite unacceptable and you should think of bringing some positive changes in you'. He/she will never give a damn about what others think of him/her.


5. The One Who Is Always Loud

This is the type of friend who will never care to speak in a soft and low voice. He/she doesn't get the concept of whispering and can be easily heard from several feet away. The more you ask him/her to speak softly, the louder your friend seems to be talking.


6. The One Who Is Exact Opposite To You

It is not that you will always come across like-minded people in your life. There can be a few friends who will be polar opposite to you. If you like to eat spicy food, he/she will prefer to eat less spicy food. Not only this but both of you may often have disagreements over several things. Though you may enjoy a warm and healthy bond, there will be times when your thoughts, opinions, choices and views may differ from each other.


7. The One With Humorous Side

What could be better than having a friend who is quite funny and always loves to crack jokes? Well, if you look in your friend circle, you may find a friend who has a humorous side and is always ready to make others laugh by cracking jokes. Not only this, but his/her laughter itself is funnier than the jokes cracked by him/her.


8. The One Who Is Quite Emotional

Do you have a friend who sobs at the end of an emotional film or when he/she sees anyone in pain? You may seem to have no idea of when your friend gets emotional. He/she may get emotional even at a picture of a kitten or a cute baby. Having an emotional friend is not a thing to criticise. But there can be times when you can't stop your friend from being emotional at certain things.


9. The One Who Teaches You Everything In 15 Minutes

This is the kind of friend, you can always depend upon during your exams. This is because he/she will always help you in learning the concepts in a better way. Even if you haven't studied a single word throughout the year, this friend will magically teach you the necessary concepts in just fifteen minutes. He/she will even lend you notes and other essential materials needed to study just before the exams.


10. The One Who Is Adventurous

Having a friend who is always adventurous and loves to explore nearby places can be the best way to step out of your comfort zone. Even if you are not willing to go on a trekking or bungee-jumping, he/she will ensure that you have tried some crazy stunts at least once. He/she will drag you to some adventurous sports and will make sure that you enjoy them equally.


11. The One Who Is A Chatterbox

A friend circle is almost incomplete without having a friend who is a chatterbox. These friends will always have something to talk about. You will never find them running out of topics to discuss. Whether it is a gossip, a serious environmental issue or the review of a newly-released movie, these friends never get tired of talking. In fact, they can go on talking about things for ages.


12. The One Who Is A Fashionista

So, whether it is a prom night or a date with your crush, you can always rely on him/her to help you. You may secretly wish to steal their wardrobe. These people have an impressive and impeccable sense of fashion. They know what's trending and what's outdated. They will always help you in choosing the best outfit and will also help you in carrying yourself easily in those fashionable outfits.


13. The One Who Is Quite Popular

This is more like a social-butterfly kind of friend. He/she is extremely popular in and out of your friend circle. People often want to be friends with him/her. You won't be surprised to know that he/she is part of several friend circles and knows how to have a great time with them. You will always find people asking his/her whereabouts.


14. The One Who Is Career-Oriented

This is the kind of friend who is always career-driven and wants to do something great in his/her career. You will often find him/her either with books or doing something that would help in his/her career. This kind of person won't mind canceling plans just because exams are ages away or he/she thinks it is better to study rather than partying.

Friends are our lives and we can never imagine our lives without them. So, on this friendship day, let your friends know that you love them and are blessed to have them in your life.

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