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24-Year-Old Gujarati Woman All Set To Marry Without A ‘Dulha’ In India's First Sologamy

The stories of people falling in love in unusual ways and having unconventional weddings have now become a common trend. However, a woman from Gujarat is all set to do something out of the ordinary and is planning to marry herself on 11 June, without a groom. This will be India's first sologamy or solo wedding.

According to reports, the 24-year-old Kshama Bindu is doing this in an extreme display of self-love. It is going to be a traditional Hindu wedding, in which Kshama will marry herself and also have 'pheras' and wedding vows. Reports say that Kshama has also written five vows for the wedding, which will be held at a temple in Gotri. Following the wedding, she intends to take a two-week honeymoon by herself.

Kshama stated in an interview that her unconventional decision to marry herself was intended to emphasise the fact that "women matter."

She added that she never wanted to get married, but had a desire to become a bride. This was the reason she had planned for her best day with herself. According to Kshama, self-marriage is a commitment to be there for oneself and to love oneself unconditionally. It's also a self-acceptance act.

When questioned about her parents' reaction, she stated that they were accepting of her wedding.

What is Sologamy?

Sologamy is a commitment to oneself rather than to singledom (the state of being unmarried). If you are happily unattached, looking for a partner, or are already in a committed relationship with another person, you can have a solo wedding.

Self-marriage and self-uniting marriage are some of the common terms for sologamy.

Self-marriage has grown in popularity in the twenty-first century, particularly among opulent women. In 2014, a travel agency named Cerca Travel based in Kyoto (Japan) began offering two-day self-marriage packages to women. The package includes a special gown, hairstyle, bouquet and accommodation.

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