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Why Women Don't Approach Men First? Reasons You Need To Know

We are in a new generation and it is a fast-moving one. But why are we still holding on to the old rituals? Rituals such as men should approach first? Why? We have come out to become so independent in our thoughts yet we lag behind when it comes to approaching men.

The reasons behind women expecting men to approach them are many. But why is it so? Let's give it a thought first before we find the reasons why women don't approach. Ask yourself! Have you ever approached any man? If you have, I am congratulating you and if you haven't, then just give yourself a chance to go forward and approach a man today.

Let's look into the facts and reasons that inhibit women to approach men first.

1. Rejection

One of the biggest fears that women have is rejection. Women probably think, "What if I go to him and he clearly says no and isn't interested, how will I deal with such embarrassment, how will I show my face to everyone, what will the world think about me?" and there is a list of potential questions that go on and on.

This fear keeps women from asking even the most charming men out for a date. They just stop themselves.

2. What If I Get Judged?

Women don't like being judged and that keeps them from approaching men. They stop themselves with the thought of being judged. The insecurities rip their confidence. This is something which women are afraid of. They think, "What if the guy thinks that I am not his type of girl because I made the first step and judges me?" This does not happen normally if we say, but women have this fear of being judged by the man himself as well as other people in the surrounding.

3. What If He Already Is In A Relationship?

You block your mind with assumptions and this is one of them. You start wondering if he is in a relationship and that would make you feel embarrassed for approaching and this stops you from approaching. Thus women inhibit themselves from approaching.

4. He Is Way Better For Me

Women calculate risks before doing something and same is the case when they ask a man out. If they think the man is way above their league then they back out from approaching. This refrains women from going ahead to that man and approaches him.

5. What If He Turns Out To Be A Handsome Man But Worthless Personality?

No one has the time nowadays to deal with someone who has an incompatible personality type and is something that none crave for. The fear of being opaque just by a person's physical appearance also leads a woman in an awkward temporary fling. Women refrain from approaching a man for this reason. The question strikes them hard and they start to wonder about the possibility and kill the enthusiasm of approaching.

6. What If He Knows Something About Me Or My Past?

At times when you see a man and feel attracted towards him, you refrain yourself. The thought of him knowing you already kill your vibe. You think about the negatives aspects such as he knows about your past, etc. This happens a lot when the man is in your office or college or anywhere you visit regularly. You have seen the person often and you thought you would go and talk. But then this thought kills your mood to ask.

These are the 6 most common reasons that make women stop themselves from approaching a man on their own. These reasons are all relatable to each other and these are the ones that inhibit a woman from approaching men first.

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