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What Makes A Woman Feel Insecure In Relationship?

Insecurity in Relationship | रिश्ते में इन बातों से महिलाएं हो जाती हैं insecure | Boldsky

What makes a woman insecure? What are the reasons behind her expression? Ever wondered what she would be thinking when you talk to another girl? There are a lot of things that go inside a woman's mind.

You think you have done everything on your part to keep your lady happy, don't you? Think twice.

woman feel insecure

Women are very complicated and it is hard to understand and read what is going on in their mind.

The root of their insecurity lies in fear. In relationships, fear is more about losing the partner. In fact, sometimes insecurity causes rifts and also leads to a breakup.

For women, it is the little things that matter the most. It is not about big gestures. It is the everyday simple things like holding hands, going for a walk, a note saying you are beautiful in public, etc. Also, it is the little things you do that make her feel insecure.

In some relationships, insecurity can increase the distance between two people. It is better to know about the reasons behind your woman's insecurity to solve them before things go too far.

To know the small reasons that make your woman insecure, I have curated a list of reasons that generally women feel insecure about.

What Makes A Woman Feel Insecure In A Relationship?

1. You still talk to your ex

I understand you broke up and then became very good friends. You got into another relationship and now when you talk with your ex, it becomes a problem for your girlfriend.

You had sex with your ex earlier or were extremely intimate and this itself is a trigger for your current girlfriend to feel insecure.

2. You ignore her

No human being likes being ignored and when it comes to being in a relationship and feeling ignored, a woman can never digest it. This makes them feel insecure. Ignoring a woman makes her question her own integrity and when she is done questioning herself, she will question all about the relationship.

3. She was cheated once

On a serious note, cheating is a fundamental wrong in our society. If your woman has been cheated once in her previous experience of being in a relationship, then she will be insecure, as she keeps thinking of the ways she can stay away from being cheated again. Relationships are an investment of the heart.

One of the most common reasons for a relationship to fail is being cheated on. It is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and when it comes to a woman, she breaks down, as she feels the amount of love and trust she has given for the relationship to stick and become better every now and then, fell off the cliff.

When a woman finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her, whether it was by his own admission or he was caught in the act, she will tend to question her self-worth and wonder why she wasn't enough for him to have stayed faithful. These questions that she starts asking herself make her sad and make her feel insecure.

4. Trust and belief

Every woman has an inner circle of trust and when they get into a relationship, they let their boyfriend walk inside that circle. Her belief is so strong for her boyfriend that she opens up everything about her. She trusts her partner more than she trusts herself.

If the trust is broken once, she gets into the zone of insecurity. Never break a woman's trust and if you do so, be prepared to see the wrath of her insecurity.

5. Keeping secrets from her

We live in a world full of secrets and untold stories when you keep secrets from your woman, she feels about the things being hidden from her and that brings insecurities to her mind and she starts questioning the same.

Do you hide things from your partner? Don't! Be open to her and tell her all the secrets.

Be each other's, secret keepers. This lead to a healthy relationship. Women are very intuitive and they know when you are hiding things from them.

These are the most common reasons why women are insecure in their relationship. If you are the one contributing poison of insecurity into her mind, you need to rethink about the relationship and your actions. By doing so, it will be easier for you and your lady to have a better relationship, where she doesn't feed insecurity to her mind.

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