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    Want To Approach Your Partner For Sex? Follow These Guidelines!

    Got into a new relationship and now thinking of approaching your partner for sex? Well, this article has been articulated in such a manner that it not only will help you but also will grab you that eternal happiness in your meaningful sex life.

    New relationships are always honeymoon phases of love. In this time, you can not only make the best of the way you and your partner are, but you can also make your sex life the most happening.

    approach your partner for sex

    The intensity of love that brews within you and your partner is on the peak and all you got to do is take the leap of faith and jump deep into the madness and the thrilling experience of sex. It is the best kind of sensual feeling with the rush of adrenaline.

    An integral part of the relationship is sex and without it, the relationship fails to succeed. Sex in a relationship doesn't mean you both are getting your levels of intimacy satisfied. Sex is not just about having the pleasure.

    Think about sex as a way of communication and a way of directing your body and soul to know the unknown between flesh and bones. It is the medium of connecting with each other in the most intimate manner.

    Let's see the guidelines by which you can approach your partner for sex:

    1. Find The Perfect Time

    Asking about exclusivity requires proper timing. You cannot ask your partner if he/she is willing to connect flesh and bones while they are working or are in the middle of some work. It would be a dumb way to approach.

    Figure out the perfect timing. See when you and your partner are free and can indulge into soul conversations with the connection of flesh and bones. Finding the time is the key to having a perfect rhythm of immortal pleasure.

    2. Communication Should Be Face-to-face

    Don't ask your partner through text or through a phone call about being intimate with you. That is a turn off even though the partner doesn't say anything. Talking about soul conversation is very intimate. You need to do it directly. It appeals a lot.

    You cannot talk with your partner over the phone and say the same thing. It doesn't show emotion.

    Rather, a face-to-face conversation shows the desire to be together and the connection of eyes speak a lot about how you make it happen. You should never ever make your partner feel the urge of sex through the phone. It degrades the connection.

    3. Be Honest In Your Intentions

    You need to speak with honesty and then only you can converse about what you want with your partner and convey it to your partner directly. Honesty brings up the truth hidden in you and how badly you crave to connect and you will see the same in your partner.

    You will see how beautiful the sex will be. One of the main ways to approach your partner for sex is speaking with honesty. Bring up the topic and discuss the various fantasies and ideas.

    Gather all you have within on the table and see how your partner reflects his/her ideas too. You will then engage in a sex that would not just satisfy you both but will make you and your partner connect in the deepest way that you never thought you will ever connect.

    Now that you have known the ways in which you can build an atmosphere for approaching your partner for sex, start thinking about how you can make it more interesting.

    Ideas To Make Your Sex Life More Interesting:

    1. Fantasies

    After your approach for sex and having engaged in mind-blowing intimacy, it is time to take the sex to a new level. This is done because sex if becomes repetitive, partners start to lose interest.

    And to this rescue come fantasies. If you have certain kinds of fantasies and you think your partner too has some, indulge in fulfilling each other's fantasies. This not only takes your sex life to the next level, it also brings forth the happiness of fulfilling desires and fantasies.

    Figure out what fascinates you and talk about it with your partner. Try it out. Complete your fantasies.

    2. Tease

    Teasing is a very good method of keeping the intimacy intact and bringing the sex life above the normal level. Tease your partner. Teasing methods are touching each other when your partner is not expecting this action. Tease by making a compliment and then ending it with a pun indicating a round of pleasure.

    3. Kiss And Be Intimate

    Randomly kiss your partner and indulge in a voluntary intimacy. This makes your partner crave for something more. This leads to an energizing technique where intimacy brings up the pleasure part. Remember to be subtle here.

    These three are the topmost ways in which you can level up the sex life with your partner.

    Take your chance today and start to approach your partner for sex. Use the guidelines to follow and the ideas to make it better.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 18:15 [IST]
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