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Things That We Don't Speak About Are The Ones That Hurt The Most

I urge you to talk. Why? Things that we don't speak about are the ones that hurt the most. The way you think might not be the way I decipher. Speak out and let me be clear. This article is for all those who don't vent their thoughts to the ones who are around. The relationship between every individual is the way you form it. Communication speaks a lot about the way you handle the relationship.

There are not many ways but only one, communication. The way you communicate with someone, speaks not only about you but about the person you are becoming.

Things That We Dont Speak About Are The Ones That Hurt The Most

Why Do We Communicate?

We communicate to portray what we feel, to portray the relationship of our mind and our senses to another individual or a group of people. Relationships are based on what you seek from another individual. If you seek love, you portray it, you communicate about it. If you seek hate, you keep yourself stranded.

What Good Does It Bring?

Keeping yourself away from someone or many brings a void between the two of you or the many involved. The nature of every human being is different and the nature of every conversation is different.

If you are the one to understand that a relationship is all about taking someone's hand and marching forward together, seeking a better future, you must know this: If you don't talk, if you don't express, if you fail to converse, the only failure is that the relationship between you and the person fails to show.

Happiness is achieved in the relationship only when you express happiness. If a person laughs, you laugh along, if a person cries beside you, you cry at times too. This is because it all happens in the form of communication and expression.

What Makes Two People Unite In Love?

They conversed between them and made it clear that they love each other. One proposed the idea, the other accepted it. The relationship here is a two-way game, either it becomes the way you two have wanted or it becomes the way you two were against.

Communication unfolds the reality of the mind in the form of expressions, words and gestures. Two people normally unite in love for the same reasons. You cannot just make another fall in love with you. All you can do is ask or express. At times they revert a positive answer and at times a negative answer or a denial. The only way you can understand someone is by asking them to talk.

Why Are We Drifting Away From Communicating?

The reasons behind drifting away from communicating are ego, unhappiness, superirority, anger, irritation and a lot of other things that we take into consideration as important. The love between the two of you drifts away as well as leaves you with zero desire.

The things that you have in mind should always be expressed and not preserved for later. If you feel something is wrong, speak out rather than hiding beneath certain floors of your mind.

Things that we don't speak about are the ones that hurt the most in life. It is because of our miscommunication or passive human anger that we keep it within and not let the person know. The nature of every emotion is to be let out in the wild and portrayed with the same.

If one doesn't let that out, he/she is the one at fault for he/she never gets to know the person's agenda. Love is the meaningful thing that should be expressed all the time. Don't keep it hidden. Don't keep it naive. Make it wild, let it run, bring forth the wonders that come along.

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