Signs That Say You Are With A Real Man

By A Mixed Nerve

Every woman has her own perception about her perfect man, the type of man she wants to be with someday, the kind of man who gives her the comfort of being herself, the kind of man she thinks will understand her to the core.

But how does a woman know she is with a real man who is there for her, no matter the reasons. How can she know the relationship she is in, is with a real man?

real man

There are a lot of questions that wake us up from sleep in order to think and divulge our mind into when it comes to wondering about if we are with a real man or not.

Let's see all the reasons that would specify if the man we are with is a real man or not.

1. Intimacy Is Not Restricted To Bed

Your man doesn't really have much to talk about, doesn't ever plan out any unique dates for you and the only time you have ever seen him happy and excited with you is when you are getting intimate with each other. And when that is over, when he is done with what he wanted with you in the first place, he returns to his original persona of being the cold and disinterested person.

This is not a sign of a real man. A real man would not let intimacy be restricted only to the bed. He will plan out ways to make you feel intimate. He makes intimacy a charming aura that our souls crave.

2. He Gives You Every Access Into His Life

None like interruptions in their personal life and none grant permanent and unrestricted authorisation of their personal life, to just anyone they meet.

So, if your partner gave you all access to his personal life, including house keys, then you need to know that his loyalty is for you and will never change.

Real men prefer to be open about things they feel are very personal when it comes to being with their women.

3. He Calls And Texts At Random Hours

He normally is really busy all day at work but gives you a call when you don't even expect it. In the middle of everything, when he is deeply buried in work from top to bottom and tensions are running high, he will still remember to let you know that he is thinking of you. It can be a text on your phone or a call but he won't end a day without talking to you, at least once. The level of dedication shows he is true to you and he thinks about you and that makes him real.

4. You Are The Only One He Sees

He will notice the people around you; he will even joke with you about really hot girls just to see you get a little jealous. But when all is done, after the fun and games are over, and when he is sitting across from you with his eyes fixed upon you, just listening intently to what you are saying, you will feel sure about the fact that he has never looked at any other girl the way he looks at you.

5. He Openly Talks About You

He doesn't panic at the sight of his friends when you and he run into them at a random party. He introduces you to the people around him as a lover, he doesn't avoid you and he is at ease while sharing the Instagram story with you and doesn't hide romance. He definitely does not feel any shame in admitting his feelings about you openly.

These are the 5 things that make him a real man. If you are not experiencing this with him, be certain he is not the one you wish to have.

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