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    Reasons Why Sex Is Important In Every Relationship

    By A Mixed Nerve

    Sex is the ultimate pleasure for a human being. Sex is something that's different for men and women.

    But when it comes to enjoying it, both men and women agree that sex gives the epitome of pleasure and satisfaction.

    sex is important

    Sex is very important in a relationship, as it is the universal form of pleasure, and a way to de-stress. It also gives you a level of closeness with your SO. In fact, it is just as imperative as trust and communication, in every relationship.

    Sex feels more connected when your partner and you lose each other in making love.

    What makes sex so important?

    The feeling of being connected physically gives sex all the importance. The sensation of the lovers becoming one is the reason why sex is important. Sex is the ultimatum for a relationship. The moment of losing yourself in your lover is a feeling worth falling in love with.

    Let's see the reasons why sex is important in a relationship.

    1. The connection

    Sex keeps you connected with your partner physically. The physical connection is the highest form of intimacy. Sex, being an intimate experience, brings you and your partner closer to each other not just physically but even connects you both emotionally. What happens in your bedroom connects you emotionally. The bedroom chemistry works its way through the hormones.

    Sexual connection often keeps the sparks alive in the relationship. Sexless relationships become vulnerable over time and in order to keep the fire burning, you need to have sex. The connection needs to be stronger day by day rather than falling short of its intensity.

    2. Makes you stress-free

    Sex, being the ultimate pleasure, brings stress-free conditions post-sex. Having regular sex keeps stress away from you and your partner. With the kind of lives we live, stress has become an integral part of it. This often takes a toll on the relationship. However, sex releases a feel-good chemical in the brain, which reduces the stress levels.

    Instead of heading towards those antidepressants available in the markets, engage in a heated sex session to improve your well-being and strengthen your relationship.

    3. It is a way to communicate

    Sex is a way to communicate in a relationship. It is a method of assuring your SO that everything is okay and love still blossoms in your garden. Regardless of the way you lead your life, sex proves to be a vital communication method between you and your SO.

    Sex brings the bodies to communicate in the form of an intercourse. Sex is a way of expressing the desire to be with each other. Engaging in sex means you are communicating with your SO in a very intimate manner, where your voice states the desire and the body does the fruitful conversation.

    4. It helps in sleeping

    Sex is a great exercise for those busy couples. It liberates you from doing any other form of an exercise. Sex brings good sleep. It tires your body and lets you feel sleepy. Thus, the sleep you have after sex is mindblowing. After sex, oxytocin is released. This hormone makes you sleep soundly.

    5. Sex makes you very happy

    Sex often makes you happy. Couples who engage in regular sex are happier than the ones that don't. Having sex regularly boosts your self-confidence. It brings in positivity around you. It helps you keep that happy face.

    6. Helps in keeping the hormones balanced

    If you are having sex regularly, the hormones in your body are balanced. Being sexually active calms the stress; but apart from that, it helps your body maintain the hormonal balance. This hormonal balance calms the other emotional problems like depression and anxiety and also increases fertility.

    Having sex regularly pays a great deal to the body and keeps it fit and motivated. Sex is very important for every human and without having sex, it disrupts the natural mechanism in the body. In a relationship, love and sex run together. Without one, the other fails. Sex is as important as love is and without having sex, do not look forward to having a great relationship, as this doesn't happen. Sex is the epitome of desire.

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