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    9 Ways Toxic Relationship Affects You

    By Soham Senapati

    Trying to cope with a relationship that is eating you from within?

    Toxic relationships are a man-made disaster that befall us and are created by us.

    It is hard to see the best in yourself when you are in such relationship, as it takes a toll on your mind, health and financial conditions.

    There are a lot of problems we face while dealing with toxic relationships. Leave apart the pain that it gives.

    Toxic relationship

    There's nothing wrong in letting go of a relationship where you feel it is dragging you into depression, anxiety, anger, pain, etc.

    Toxic relationships are a cause of a lot many problems that we face each day and to adjust with them, it becomes a painful process.

    So, without much delay, let's go ahead and see the various ways in which a toxic relationship can affect you in your everyday life.

    1. Self-Image:-

    Toxic relationships eat you from within. They make you feel low on your self-esteem and self-respect. Your self-image is very precious. Toxic relationship poisons the very concept of self-image in you.
    It degrades your self-confidence. This leads to loss of integrity and independence.

    Toxic relationship

    2. Energy:-

    Your energy is depleted to the bottom bar of the measurement table, as it involves a journey in keeping your partner happy. Toxic relationship is a marathon where you keep running and the finish line never approaches.

    Toxic relationship makes you feel it's all about your partner and nothing about you and it is just a dog and master relationship.

    3. Criticism And Contempt:-

    None walking on the Earth is perfect, and the closer you become with another person, the more conspicuous his/her imperfections will become.
    Positive criticism helps us grow but if it is otherwise, it kills us inside with negative thoughts.

    Everytime criticism is used as a channel of expressing contempt, it makes you feel devalued and worthless.

    Toxic relationship

    4. Blame Game:-

    Toxic relationship is a blame game where the one suffering is the person blamed always.
    In each and everything that you do, you are blamed for something that wasn't perfect even though it is up to the mark for others.
    Blame game is a dirty game in a toxic relationship.

    5. Jealousy:-

    Jealousy crawls into a relationship which has no trust and is a basic toxic relationship.
    In a toxic relationship, jealousy becomes excessive and you have nothing to hold on to as you see yourself falling off the cliff into the zone of pain and anguish.

    Toxic relationship

    6. Passive Agression:-

    Toxic relationship gets on your nerve and you cannot show anger, as it would make it worse. You try to shade yourself and your opinions.
    Passive agression will make you burst some day and when you explode, it will certainly create a crater in your life.

    7. Isolation:-

    You feel isolated in a toxic relationship, as all your time and money goes on in keeping your partner happy. You feel detached from all your friends and family and you feel you have none to express your grief and pain to.
    This makes you feel like having an unwanted solitarty confinement and you become isolated from everyone, including yourself.

    Toxic relationship

    8. Depression:-

    Toxic relationship brings depression as a gift to the sufferer. Depression walks in without notice and doesn't let you be happy. You feel sad and bad every single moment and you try to cope up with it.
    Walk out of such relationship where you get dragged into depression.

    9. Slaves To Substance:-

    You become slaves to substance, as you find it hard to cope with the pain that is being caused by your partner. Alcohol, ciggarette and drugs are the major substances that people adhere to when they don't find a way to cope up with their pain in a toxic relationship.

    If you have a toxic relationship, try getting out of it, as there is no charm in being hurt staying in a relationship like that. So, try to let go of such a relationship for your own happiness.

    Hope you got insights after reading this article and let us know about your thoughts by writing about them in the comment section below.

    Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 12:30 [IST]
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