Install, Uninstall And Reinstall Love In Your Life

Why do you need to install, uninstall and reinstall love in your life? This should be the first question that should come to your mind when you think about the topic. The reasons your mind will provide might be many or might be a few, but what are the real reasons behind falling in this pattern of love?

The meaning of install, reinstall and uninstall love is

Install, uninstall and reinstall


Add love to your life and see how it brings the changing of seasons in your mind and heart. The feeling of falling in love is a sight to behold. Installing love is a way to say you are falling in love for the first time. Every human needs to experience love once and the way it makes you. Love is a way of loving and it is necessary.


It is the part where you feel broken if the first love doesn't work in your favour and then you plan on quitting the relationship. The break-ups and the divorces are examples of uninstalling love.

The pain that comes with it is hard to deal with and that takes a big toll on us. But it also makes you feel stronger emotionally. Break-ups bring a lot of pain but also they teach us a lot of things. We, humans, are seekers and it is necessary to go through this phase in order to learn.


Now that you have healed from the pain and have healed your broken heart, you need to fall in love again. The reason is simple. We are social animals and we need to connect and if love is the way of connecting, then why not? Reinstalling love means bringing back the love that you once after uninstalling, had forgotten about.

Reasons Why You Need To Go Through This Process:

1. In order to Understand How Love Feels

It is necessary to understand the true meaning of love and how it affects the way you absorb and think about life and others around you. It is an important perspective of life and one cannot ignore it. The thing about love is, it is very unique. It varies from person to person.

Love is a pleasing feeling and when you get the first-hand experience of it, there is no other feeling that can make you feel more special than love itself.

In love, a time comes where you feel lost in the thoughts and this feeling of being lost is the best feeling you can ever dream of. And this is the action and reaction of love when you are in a relationship with someone and that person means the world to you.

The feelings attached with love are all emotions. Every moment of these feelings is special and one enjoys it with the partner.

2. In Order To Know The Pain After A Break-Up Or Lost Love

Install, uninstall and reinstall is very much required because pain is a part of life and understanding how a broken end is a part and parcel of life. It not only makes a person strong, it also brings a lot of realization and those are necessary for life.

The thing about pain after a break-up is that it irks you to be distant from love and we try to resist it. But we are all wrong. If we don't resist love, we cannot fall in love again. Resisting love is very much needed as much as accepting love is needed.

Pain after a loss of love teaches us the path to see through and read between the lines of what a person says and what he/she claims to be is true or not. You start to trust yourself more and others less. You contemplate in pain and never in happiness.

If pain wasn't a part of this process, then we would never know how it feels to be broken or how it feels to be in love. It is necessary just like love.

3. In Order To Know Love In Clarity

Love is all about clarity of emotions and a deeper sense of being yourself and spreading the vibe of love. One can love a single human or a lot many. It depends on the strength of your love and how much you can provide.

The thing about love is, it needs someone to feel and someone to express simultaneously and this feeling can be strengthened only when you walk through the process.

You matter to yourself the most and your love matters to you too. But it also matters to the whole world. Just imagine spreading love to 10 others and them repeating the same. Love is all about having a clarity of how to fall in love again and again with one and a lot many.

Install, uninstall and reinstall is the only way you will ever have the clarity of love in the truest form.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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