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    How To Get Over A Bad Break Up

    Feeling dreadful about ending the relationship? Wondering how to let this pain fade away? Here are some ways in which you can mend your broken heart and move on with life.

    When you go through a bad break up, someone or the other asks you to get over the break-up and move on.

    Bad Break Up

    It might sound appealing but ending a precious relationship isn't something that you can just get over in a fraction of a second. It demands time and usually takes a lot of it.

    None can just blink and be happy after their serious relationship ends. It just doesn't happen.

    At times, close people like best friends, family, etc., say that you were too good for that person and he never deserved to have your love and that the break up happened for good.

    You will certainly find a much better and deserving lover in the near future.

    While your loved ones might actually be speaking the truth and he might not be the deserving one, but after a break up it doesn't really help to hear all these.

    Some girls after break up, get into another relationship just to take the revenge on their ex. They really are not going to give the new guy a chance because the only reason they are with them is to get back at their ex.

    Thus taking any action out of anger, just keeps you annoyed.

    It doesn't heal the wound and you keep getting hurt.

    So, what can you do to get over this bad break up all by yourself?

    You can start doing things out of the box in order to let go of this break-up.

    1. You Can Write And Burn The Diary Of Your Relationship

    Fill the pages of your diary with the story of your relationship.

    After you are done writing, you can just burn the diary or dump it. This will let you release your pain in the form of anger and anguish on the mighty paper.

    2. Go Out On A Solo Trip

    Plan out a solo trip and go somewhere for an adventure.

    Take some time off from the routine life. This will not just let you breathe in a cleaner environment but will also let you throw away the pain inside.
    Solo trips are always healing, enlightening and full of energy and vibes.

    3. Read Through Those Books About Break-Ups

    There are plenty of books available for girls to read after a tragic break up.

    These books help you feel better. Put on those reading glasses and start racing through the pages of those books. Find the happy you at the end.

    4. Talk It Out With Your Friend

    At times talking it out helps.

    It unlocks the locked emotions stacked upon one another inside your head. These emotions clog your mind. Grab drinks or dinner with a close friend who's willing to listen for a while and see where the conversation leads you. You may even learn something about yourself and get over the past.

    5. Put Up A New Vision For Yourself

    Have a vision for yourself post break up and work hard for it.

    This will let you move on and not let the emotions haunt the best of you. It is always good to have a vision and this itself becomes the idea of a new life.

    Put up a vision board and then plan it accordingly about what you would want from the life ahead.
    This will not only keep you focused but will not let the break up hamper your personal life.

    These 5 ways are the out of the box ideas that you need to apply post break.

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