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How Does Ending A Relationship Affect A Woman?

Women are people's person and when they get into a relationship, they give it all it takes to have a happy relationship. They make it certain to approve their whole of love and trust on their partner. When the relationship ends for any man-made reasons, women end up being hurt a lot of times. That brings certain questions that need some answers. One of it is how does ending a relationship affect a woman?

We all know relationships require a lot of dedication and a woman gives the same. This is one of the reasons that hurt them the most when the relationship fails to stand.

How Does Ending A Relationship Affect A Woman?

1. Depression Crawling Into The Mind

The saddest part of ending a relationship is that longing still lingers in the mind of the one destroyed by the end. This is the state of existence you will always find a woman in. Depression crawls into the mind creating a mist of deluded feelings. Women are complete emotional wrecks and it is as normal as it should be because that is exactly how women want it to be. They want to feel the depth in real. If they loved in the truest manner they are ready to feel the pain, the same way. Agitation, anger, frustration, jealousy, sadness and fear of being alone, boil together, right at the surface of the mind in a woman after a break-up. This is the time when a woman doesn't have a grasp or control over their thoughts, actions and emotions. Everything and all the memories remind a woman of the relationship in each moment.

Depression takes the worst form when a woman sees her man is happy with his own liffe while they are saddened by the end of the relationship. This makes a woman more susceptible for doing something that would be wrong. Depression makes a woman miss the partner more and more each passing day. She tries to get back with the relationship in any way possible.

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2. Caught By Being Numb

Women after a break-up are caught by numbness and it is the real sad part of their state. This is the state where a woman feels the actual break-up and how much she is hurt in real. All the tears, have followed the cheeks to fall from the jaw line and the woman is now numb in the state of lamenting the pain of the end. She is done being angry and has nothing left to offer herself. She is in constant pain of being numb in her mind. This is the part where even going out becomes a pain because she has to fake a smile and conceal the numbness.

Women think a lot, do not eat regularly, have no energy to do anything and these varies iwth the duration. This numbness can last from a few moments to several months and years as well. It depends on the way a woman is and how her nature is and the type of talks she has with people.

3. Heavy Complex Behaviour

Numbness makes her suppress herself from the world outside and gives her a complex. This complex can be of several types. It at times is the decision to never fall in love and at times is the decision to be cold to all people, especially men. At times this complex makes women do self-harm. There are various kinds of complex and these complex at the end degrade the values of a woman.

Having complex after a break-up is like having a definite idea of how each relationship will be. Thus a woman after a break-up thinks every man is the same even though it isn't the real thought they have. This pseudo-mindset is the effect of the end of the realtionship they were in.

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4. Rebounding And Breaking The Habit

Rebounding is the dive-in deep to the zone of being someone else rather than the real you. In order to walk past this end, you start thinking about rebounding and breaking the habit of being numb. This part is straightforward. She tries to get back at life by doing these and thinks of moving aheead with life.

These are the four main stages a woman goes through after the end of their relationship. Post these stages is when she starts becoming plain and normal and in the end, it is just her with a happy smile and no past regrets.

Woman are the most complex creation of this universe. Please try not to bring them any pain.

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Story first published: Friday, July 20, 2018, 13:00 [IST]
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