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    Goodbye To The Love That Never Happened To Be Mine

    Have you ever had the feeling of being in love with someone where the other person doesn't reciprocate the same kind of feelings? Oh! You must have. We all have faced it. Goodbye to the love that never happened to be mine is all about the one-sided love and how it affects the beauty of love in our mind.

    We have at some point or the other fallen in love with someone who never loved us back. We have waited, figured out how to make things right for them, to fall in love with us and other measures taken in easing the pathway for them to come to us. But in the end, it is just the disappointment that we have with us. They never come to us.

    goodbye to the love that never happened to be mine

    We try all our ideas in order to make them fall in love but that never happens and we end up being the ones hurt.

    The funny thing about love is we love and get hurt and even if we don't then someway or the other love hurts us.

    Love is an aura that we cannot let bypass us. It will enter our soul, create the havoc and let us suffer. Some lucky ones get the charm of this aura, while others feel the darker shade of the pain of this aura.

    Why One Sided Love Gives A Lot Of Pain?

    Life cannot be novels like the ones of Nicholas Spark. It cannot be "The Notebook". The reality is always different than a fictional book. People who think about love as these kinds of modern day fairy tale novels, often get whacked by the truth of love.

    One sided love is always painful as it cannot ever be complete. It is a lost spaceship in the vast universe. One cannot control the pain that dwells in the heart of a sided love. Love always desires fulfilment and in one-sided love, it never gets the charm of being fulfilled. The pain eventually disrupts the stability within us.

    Things About One-Sided Love We Should Know:

    We all have to learn the hard truth, and while you are reading this you need to know it is because you have the same problem, too. Sometimes, love isn't a feeling you can force upon yourself. It just happens on its own and it is inevitable. When you spend more time with another person, you expose yourself to whom he/she is. All the past experiences, idiosyncrasies, what makes him/her happy or sad, dreams in his/her life, ambitions to achieve, flaws and the depths of his/her heart, you get to know all of them. You start to relate and then fall in love with the way their heart and soul speaks.

    The thing here is they are not entitled to be in love with you. This becomes the one-sided relationship we all talk about. When we start expecting in these circumstances, we fall short of happiness and sadness grows as a branched out tree within us.

    Why Does One-Sided Love Hurt?

    1. Feelings Are Not Reciprocated

    When you love someone you always crave them to reciprocate the same to you. But in one-sided love that doesn't happen and it aches our heart. We cannot force anyone to fall in love and that is the reason for this ache as we become dependent on the love we portray. We wait for them to at least revert the love and at the end, we never get the feelings reciprocated to us.

    2. Self Worth Being Crushed

    Human beings have a lot of self-worth and when they fall in love they think they will get the love reciprocated and if that doesn't happen they feel they have no self-worth and self-respect. They tend to blame the other person for not falling in love. The idea of love has been changed with ages and the current scenario suggest love and self-worth walk hand-in-hand. If love is there, self-worth has to be and if one of them is missing, it gives us frustration, madness, sadness and we tend to find it difficult to cope up.

    These are two reasons why one-sided love hurts so much and why one should not expect when they are in such kind of situations. The love they provide if not reciprocated makes them mad and we all have faced it in our personal life.

    Goodbye to the love that never happened to be mine.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 13, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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