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Fundamental Things A Woman Expects From A Man In Every Relationship

By Tanya Ruia

The era must have been changed and so has the trend of love and relationship. Expectations do hurt a human being, but a girlfriend and a wife are something beyond a normal human being.

It is never easy to convince and satisfy a girlfriend and a wife. Woman's expectation increase with the pace of time. So, before her wrath, it's better that you understand her expectations and live up to them.

fundamental things a woman expects

These expectations are fundamental expectations and every girl deserves it.

Following are the fundamental things a woman expects from a man in every relationship.

Good morning/good night wishes

This is a very fundamental thing that any woman would expect. You wish her through a phone call, text, anything, but do that because it makes her feel really special. She will think that at least in the entire day, you made up this much for her. A hectic schedule still kept you reminding her.

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Every human wants and loves appreciation. Being appreciated means getting attention. If you are appreciating your woman, it means you are giving her your attention. Appreciate her for the work she does, the way she cares about you, the food she makes, etc. These small little things will make her feel wanted and will make your love life easy without any complications.


Compliments can make any woman's day happy and cheerful. She has given herself to you, at least this much she expects from you that you compliment her and make her feel that out of all the other good-looking human beings, she is the most beautiful human being for you. Don't give her fake compliments. It should come from within.


A relationship cannot be built upon fake promises, false hopes and a bundle of lies. In order to lie, you have to remember the lies you have told to a person. Hurt her with the truth but never comfort her with a lie. It will only hurt her and will make your relationship miserable. She will lose trust in you and will never have a healthy relationship.

Uploading pictures and putting DPs

Girls are delicate darlings and want to be showed off. They would not lose a chance of uploading pictures and social media stories with you but, at the same time, expect the same from you. For their happiness, at least you can put display pictures with them, upload a good picture on social media with them. This is a fundamental right of every girl that her partner puts a picture with them or uploads a DP with them.

Holding hands in public

A little display of affection is every girl's fundamental right and expectation. At least she can expect from you to hold her hands while crossing the road, offer her a shoulder when she is tired, hold her hands when a bunch of cute girls is passing by, give her a peck secretly, or simply hold her waist in a party. Public display of affection doesn't mean you have to kiss her or grab her vigorously publicly, but make her feel special, protected and blush while in public so that she feels that only she has a right on you.


Every girl expects surprises and of course loves surprises. Keep on surprising her. On a Friday night when you both are drained out and exhausted, book movie tickets and send her a surprise text for the surprise movie date. It will make her weekend and the smile on her face would be worth it. Send a surprise dessert when your woman is trying really hard at her workplace. It will definitely make her mood all the better.

Surprise visits

If due to any circumstances you do not stay with your woman, she definitely expects some surprise visit to make her feel good. Do give her surprise visits without fail. A small surprise visit can lead up to a span of a good healthy lovey-dovey conversation. Her expression on your surprise visit will be worth all the efforts.


No matter whose mistake it is, it is the fundamental duty of yours to apologize to your woman and end the fight. Every woman expects their partner to do the needful after every fight. Apologies do not make you a smaller person. If you really love her, do bend down for her happiness. If she gets happy by you apologizing to her, do apologize to her and make it up after the fight.

Clicking pictures

I know you are a guy and might not feel much excited about clicking selfies and pictures as much as your woman gets. But, trust me, clicking a few selfies with her by your own stand will really make her feel special. She expects you also to show some effort and click pictures with her. She must definitely be doing it every time with you and for you but at the same time expects you also to do the same with her. These little efforts will show how wanted she is and loved too.

These small efforts and things will lessen down her expectations and will make her feel that her partner is really into her. The more you take the effort, the less she will expect and the lesser lights will be due to unmet expectations.

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