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Fathers Who Have Been The Pillar Of Support; I Bow Down To You All

I wish you all a Happy Father's Day!

There is a certain feeling that comes to the mind every time you hear the word "father". These feelings bring emotions of the past and the present and of the future.

Fathers are the ones who run the show in the background for their kids and make the world a better place for them to move forward in their life. They are the backbone of a family. Father's Day is for all who support their child in each and every form.

I respect the hardships they go through in order to cater to the needs of a family and of their child. They don't show affection but they show each bit of it in actions. Starting from a scratch to building a home where you can reside, from zero money to proper stability of cash flow, a father takes the responsibility of growing a family as a whole.

Bowing down to you, I respect all that you have achieved as good humans and as best fathers for your children. Little of you is enough for a child to survive in the harsh world.

Things that fathers do for their children:

1. You Give Us A Name

Every human needs a show of their own and you give your children the name to be called. You give them the identity to live. The name and the surname are all but a calling system. What you give us, is an identity that matters to us. The way you formulate the deals for us since childhood is the way you show us the path to lead.

If not you then who, father? Fathers around the world have a single motto for their children and, i.e, to give them the identity for the world to know them. They don't just build you, they make the best of you.

Yes, a mother does a lot of hard work in the inner segment of a child, but the outer segment is all by the father. Fathers have been the sun for their children, the earth.

2. You Show Us The Path

Fathers build a road for their kids to run and walk. They give you the opportunity to walk on a path you decide. They support you in this endeavour of yours and that makes them the greatest of all forms in the history of mankind. The way they lead the road, they make you follow them in order to know that "if you fall, I am there to hold".

Fathers are the prominent support system when it comes to stability of a child. It all depends on the beauty of the way they bring you up from the day you are born. The first sight of a child in his father's eyes brings the glory for the father. There is nothing beautiful other than a father holding his child and watching them grow from a baby to an adult.

3. Fathers Give The Stability

Fathers are the biggest support system for their child. They just don't provide the financial stability to a child, they bring forth an environment where the child grows to become a better human. The first thing every father thinks of is to feed the child.

Children are the first priority every father has. They don't show it or tell you, but they do it and that proves everything about the clarity of their thinking. The happiness that they portray everytime you do something meaningful, is evident.

4. Fathers Teach You To Be Worthy

Fathers teach their child to become worthy of everything they want. They just don't teach you about life. They teach you about how to be worthy of your name, your identity, your work and your way of life. They make it possible for you to learn these in a safer environment where the wrongs don't affect you but the positive end of every situation makes you a better human.

Fathers have been the pillar of support from the start and we the children respect each bit of it. I bow down to the work you do and the way you make our life from a scratch.

I bow down to the heavenly body that you are for every time I hear about Father's Day I know all the fathers do the same for their child. The best gift that you can give your father today is a heartfelt expression of how much they mean to us. This is for my father and for every father globally helping their kids to become better and who have always been the pillar of support.

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