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    Relationship Goals: Do You Love Yourself Enough To Love Someone Else?

    Are you in love with yourself? Can you define the love you have? Is it worth the appeal for someone else to say that you love yourself? Things that we normally tell about ourselves do not portray the love we have for ourselves. Loving ourselves goes as deep as the Pacific ocean. It is connected to the roots of who we are.

    If we don't love ourselves, we cannot love someone else. The reasons are simple. Love is the form of giving. When you start to love yourself enough, you generate a positive environment for yourself and when someone enters this positive environment, they feel loved. It is because of the love you radiate from within.

    One cannot love someone else unless he/she loves himself/herself to the core. This involves loving the way you are and evolving every day. Loving cannot be a sure shot method unless you give it to yourself.

    love yourself enough

    Why Should We Love Ourselves?

    There are plenty of reasons I can think of to say we should love ourselves. These reasons can be very small and can also be a bigger aspect. Loving is the key to understand the human nature. It doesn't matter if you are loving someone else. You won't be able to give them the amount of love that you think they deserve. It is because you are not in love with yourself.

    The list of reasons why we should love ourselves are as follows:

    • Better Health
    • Harmony In Relationships
    • Self-actualization
    • Boost Of Self-esteem
    • To Be More Attractive
    • To Be More Enthusiastic
    • To Achieve What You Want
    • To Become Priceless
    • To Have Your Own Back

    These reasons tell us that if we don't love ourselves, no one else will ever love us. You might attract a lot of people if you are not in love but these attractions are for a very short period of time. When you love yourself, and you fulfil the above reasons, you will not only attract a lot of people, you will also gather a lot of love in return from them. These attractions are priceless and won't leave your sight till the end.

    Do You Love Yourself Enough To Love Someone Else?

    In order to understand this, you need to think of a lot of aspects. These aspects might be minute and can also be a big reason. Go through these aspects and determine whether you love yourself enough or not.

    1. Take Care Of Your Health

    Haven't you been told about your body is a wonderland and it is a temple that you need to take care the most? Your body is a living sacrifice of many things in order to function the way it should. Loving yourself means taking care of your body as well.

    It is the first and foremost thing that is visible to the outer world. You cannot be saying you love yourself enough without taking proper care of yourself. Loving yourself enough is maintaining a clean body and a clean spirit with giving more love to how you become as a whole.

    2. Be More Authentic

    If you are the one who tailors identity to portray something that you are not, then you are not in love with yourself to the core. You are just faking it. You just want to be liked by all for which you present a picture that is not you. You tell everyone different sorts of things that would make them like you more and more. But do you understand you are not making them love you? You are just making them have a fake you for them to like you. Nothing else!

    In order to be able to love yourself and love someone else, you have to be more and more authentic in yourself. Speak what you are and what you want. Talk about the reality of yourself. When you portray the real you, not all the people you get acquainted with will like you, but there will definitely some who will love you the way you are. That is because of the authenticity you provide them about yourself.

    3. Do Not Be Afraid Of Being Alone

    In the fear of being alone, we consent to things we do not agree with, we smile at things we don't really accept. We are afraid to go back to the four walls of our home. We generally let ourselves away hoping that someone will save us from our lonely hearts. But to be truthful it is okay to be alone than to be in any kind of bad company and familiar strangers.

    We all dread the feeling of being alone and not having anyone to talk with. It creeps us from within. But to be honest this a boon in disguise. When you are no longer afraid of living alone, you start to see a new perspective and learn a lot. You have the company of books, art and the biggest of all the company of yourself. You are not lonely.

    You are just alone with your own company and have no one else's. You start to learn a great deal about yourself and build yourself in a more positive way. Being alone is a boon that normally helps us know what we seek in love, and what we don't. We become more clear in our concepts about everything.

    These three are the main reasons that suggest you love yourself enough to love someone else. In order to love yourself more and more, you need to looker deeper into yourself and bring out the best of you. Loving yourself will help you in loving someone else you have always wanted. Figure out the love within you and see how it radiates to the people around you. Love yourself enough today to love someone else the same way. You have to figure out how to love the way you always wanted.

    Love is the purest of all feeling. Keep it that way and inculcate better ways to make your love a bigger circle of happiness within yourself and the people around you.

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