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    Betrayals In Love And Broken Hearts Of Lovers

    Betrayals in love and relationships are a damage to the heart of lovers. Having affairs in a relationship kills the charm. Betrayals in love have become very common in the present generation. Having an affair with someone out of your relationship can create a mess and a lot of stress. It is also not the only form of betrayal that you can have in your romance. There are more subtle acts of betrayal that bring a lot of stress to the picture. These other kinds of betrayals also carry the venom of ending the relationship and breaking the heart of the lovers. It's not a secret that relationships always require a lot of hard work.

    If you're getting into a relationship you should know that it is a lifelong commitment and you should be having a conscience to avoid any form of treachery or betrayal with your partner. In order to make the relationship go ahead with a happy foot at the front, you should work for the relationship every day.

    betrayals in love

    Let's see the other ways of betrayals in love and broken hearts of lovers.

    1. A Conditional Love

    The thing that is dreaded by a partner the most is the conditions that follow in love. These conditional love never stay for long. Love, if it is conditional, is not the truest form of love at all. It's one of the greatest forms of betrayal in love. The reason why having conditional love is so terrible is that it's very manipulative. One essentially manipulates his/her partner into behaving in a certain way just to win over their love.

    It is wrong to exercise the right to cast conditions on the love that you have for your partner. And it's not a healthy way to go about in the relationships. One always tries to make sure that their partner feels loved no matter what. One needs to have the kind of love that is steady, consistent, and reliable in each and every way for the other partner to be with them.

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    2. Emotional Exclusion In Love

    Having yourself excluded from the emotion of your relationship because of certain things can make the relationship a little inconvenient for you and your partner. This is also a form of betrayal. When you are in a loyal and committed relationship, you should stay in it no matter the multiplied stress levels and the levels of emotion.

    Your partner may be going through some stressful period and it's necessary that you stay there with your partner. It becomes even more important for you to stay consistent in the relationship and be willing to fight for your love even when you are facing all kinds of odds.

    When you remove yourself from a situation just because you are scared of something, you are leaving your partner all alone. This is also a form of betrayal in love.

    3. Emotionally Cheating Your Partner

    Cheating doesn't always have to be in just a physical form. You don't have to make love with someone outside your relationship in order to be called as a cheat. You don't even have to kiss or touch anyone other than your partner. If you are cheating your partner emotionally, you are betraying your partner then. Even the simple act of having strong feelings for another person and acting on those feelings even in the simplest form can be enough to be considered as a betrayal.

    When you get into a relationship with someone, you are not essentially going to be without your temptations. Temptations exist and are also normal to be with you as they are everywhere. But you need to keep in mind that in order to have the strongest relationship you must be able to withstand these temptations. Once you are able to do this, you are loyal to your partner. You always have a choice of doing it the way you want. And when you choose to resist on acting on your emotional urges, you become a trustworthy and loyal partner in the relationship you are in.

    These are the other 3 forms of betrayal in a relationship and can break hearts if are executed in a relationship. Remember love is all about giving and sacrificing. If you are not doing it then you are betraying your partner in the name of the relationship.

    Do not break promises and trust for once they vanish, they never return back into the normalcy of a relationship.

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    Story first published: Monday, July 16, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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