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7 Types Of Couples You Come Across

By Subodini Menon

Love can't be defined and confined within the framework of words. In the same way, a truly cherished relationship can also not be put into different categories. It does not fit into a framework of sorts.

Some relationships work, while some don't. You cannot always predict what will work and what will not. Often, we look at a couple and know that their love will last, but alas!

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The next thing you hear is about them splitting up. Similarly, you may look at a couple's relationship and predict that it is doomed from the start. But somehow, it withstands the tests of time.

If you look at the various relationships, the relationships that work may have things in common. Keeping all these things in mind, we have made a list of types of relationships that might actually work; well, at least, most of the time.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the kind of relationships that may actually work.


The Practical One And The Creative One

You may have seen the couple where one is very practical, driven by the facts and the truths of life and the other is creative - someone who lets their imagination fly.

Each partner is in awe of how the other one functions. They are so much in need of each other that they cannot imagine their life without each other.


The One With The Brains And The Other With The Heart

There are couples where one partner uses his/her brains more, and the other is emotional and uses his/her heart. The couple functions as a single unit where the brain keeps the heart from running away with its emotions and the heart softens the brain with its sensitivity.

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The Romantic One And The Not-so-romantic One

It is said that in a relationship, it is never possible that both the partners love each other equally. One always loves the other one more.

This relationship is the prime example for that. The romantic person goes overboard with gestures and gifts for the other and hence one is always on the receiving end perhaps never reciprocating with the same intensity.


The Friends

This couple is more of a best friend sort with each other. Romance is not as important as companionship is to them.

They are equals of each other and enjoy each other's company. They are more likely to sit down and play a marathon of video games while devouring an entire box of pizza than going out on a dainty date.


The Goal-oriented Couple

This relationship is very much goal oriented. Each partner has a goal for themselves and one for them as a couple. They encourage each other to achieve these goals and are genuinely pleased when they achieve it.

They tend to be narcissistic and proud about their achievements. They are often called the annoying couple on the block; but if it works for them, it's good for them.


Lad Or Damsel In Distress

In this relationship, one of the partners was once wayward. He/she had lost his ways in the world and was rescued by the other.

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The rescued partner almost always has had a difficult past, probably a bad childhood. The partner who did the rescuing is the strong one who took the other one under his/her wing. There is a lot of love in this relationship; but at times, trust issues may crop up too. This kind of a relationship is very tender but strong at the same time.


The Passion-driven Couple

This couple agrees and disagrees with each other with intense passion. Sex and attraction is almost always the base for such relationships. They each have big egos that get hurt easily.

They have huge fights that are made up with similar explosive fashion. The problem with this relationship is that once the attraction and sex goes out of the picture, the relationship becomes hard to keep together.

If the partners can learn to depend on love and set their egos aside, this kind of a relationship can thrive too.

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