Things You Don't Need To Do Even For Your Beloved

What are you willing to do for love? Well, you may have a list. But do you know what not to do for love? Though it may surprise you, there are some things not to do for love.

It doesn't mean that you have to draw lines or boundaries and stop loving your partner. Though a relationship requires some amount of compromises or sacrifices, it doesn't mean that you should suffer to keep your partner happy.

Things Not To Do Even For Your Beloved!

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So, here are some things which you don't need to do even for your beloved.


Tolerating Sarcastic Jokes

A survey claims that 40% of the divorces start because of sarcastic jokes. Yes, sometimes a bad joke can hurt your partner.

After a few days, another incident can fuel a fight and gradually when sarcastic jokes increase, the couple may start hating each other. So, you can always tell your partner upfront if you don't like a sarcastic joke.


Killing Your Passion

You love music but your partner hates you spending long hours practising music. So, he or she asks you to put music aside to save the relationship.

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Would you do that? Well, finding a middle path is better. You can convince your partner by promising enough time for the relationship instead of killing your love for music.


Tolerating Comparisons

You don't need to silently bear comparisons. If your partner constantly compares you with his or her ex, you can always say that you are not interested in being like anyone.


Changing Your Appearance

Trying to drastically change your appearance is not necessary even for your beloved. In fact, if your partner really loves you, he or she will never force you to do anything. And yes, he or she will be comfortable with the way you are.


Doing All The Work

There is a saying which goes like this: "The willing donkey is made to carry all the load". It means that if you do all the work, all the time, your partner may take you for granted and make you do all the work, all the time! Instead, sharing the burden equally is a god idea even if you love your partner so much.


Sacrificing Close Bonds

Your friends and relatives are also an important part of your life. If your partner asks you to stop visiting them would you cut everyone in your circle in order to prove your love for your partner?

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Well, to lead a happy life, you need everything in the right proportions. You need the love of your partner, friends, relatives and anyone else who is close to you. Of course, your partner is the top priority. But it doesn't mean that you allow your partner to decide whom to meet and whom to avoid.


Being Financially Careless

There is nothing wrong in saving money for your own future. If your partner asks you to give away all the money you earned, that's a red flag. You can share your wealth but it doesn't mean that you allow your partner to loot you. If your partner has selfish motives, you may need to be careful with your money.


Agreeing All The Time

People have different opinions. If your partner tries to rub his opinions on you, you can always cut the argument then and there itself. Loving someone doesn't require drastically changing your opinions and agree with your partner's opinions all the time.

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