Signs She Is Someone With A Hard Shell But A Soft Heart!

Some people come across as rude, arrogant, touchy or hyper but when you try to understand them deeply, you will be surprised to see that they are very soft from the inside.

Yes, there are some people who are easily misunderstood. If you are interested in someone around you who seems hard on the outside but soft from inside, then you may read this article.

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There are certain signs to detect whether your crush has a hard shell and a soft heart.


She Gives A Plain Expression But She Blushes From Inside

You give her a compliment expecting a smile from her but she simply puts a blank face acting as if she is beyond all praise. And you might think that she didn't appreciate it.

But she goes home and blushes secretly. You may think that those who have a hard shell don't have feelings. Basically, she doesn't want to exhibit her feelings.

Her Words May Be Plain Or Harsh But Her Actions Show Affection

This is one of the qualities of people who are harsh on the outside and soft from inside. You need to put aside their words and watch their actions.

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She Needs Time To Trust You Fully

Her hard shell is just a layer of protection to the soft heart of hers. As she is vulnerable and is worried about a heart break, she takes a lot of time to trust you.

She May Build A Huge Wall

Though she seems to have built a huge wall to avoid you, it doesn't mean that she is cold or indifferent. She may be taking her own time to heal herself from a previous breakup.

Once She Falls In Love, It Is Intense

She gives her 100% to the relationship once she is convinced that you are her man.

She Picks Her Fights Wisely

She may look like a fierce warrior because she is tough on the exterior. But in reality, she hates fights, arguments and battles. So, she rarely gets into an ugly fight.

She Really Cares For You

You might get repelled by her harsh words but behind them, she has lots of love. So, if she says something that doesn't go well with you, just wait and watch without trying to prolong the argument. She may again get back to explain what made her angry.

She Is Loyal

Such people are loyal. As they know how painful a heartbreak is, they never do the same to you.

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