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Signs You're Her Side Dish; Not Main Course!

When you are about to fall for someone, take things slow. First, it is better to know whether the feelings are mutual. Then it is better to know whether the intensity of the love is mutual.

Just because your colleague or classmate smiles and talks to you on a daily basis, you can't jump into conclusions.

Just because both of you spend an hour everyday in the coffee shop talking about everything in the world, you can't jump into conclusions. Sometimes, it could just be that she likes your company and that's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Signs She Doesn't Like You Back

Liking your company doesn't mean that she likes to start a relationship with you. It means that you are just a side dish, not the main course meal for her. So, if you pin your hopes too much on her, you may feel disappointed later. Here are some more signs to notice.

She Doesn't Call You Often And She Doesn't Answer Calls

If you are not her main course, why would she even wait for your call? So, she never voluntarily calls you and she rarely answers your calls on time.

She Never Invites You To Her Place

This is one sign you are not really important to her. Yes, if she really plans for future she would obviously call you home to show you to her parents.

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She Is Not Okay To Be Seen With You

She never takes a selfie with you nor does she feel okay when anyone in her circle suddenly spots her with you in a coffee shop. In fact, that makes her feel nervous.

She Never Accepts Your Facebook Friend Request

Of course, she just likes your company offline that too, when she is in office. Beyond that, she doesn't need much from you.

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On Her Birthday Party, You Never Get An Invitation!

This is one sign you are just a side dish to her and her main course is someone else. Well, it is better to stop pinning your hopes on anyone just because you enjoy a good conversation with that person.

Whenever She Needs Help, You'll Get The First Call

Of course, you don't mind helping her and being there for her whenever necessary. But when you need any help, you will never get anything from her. That is one sign you are not her main course.

You Never Have An Open Heart Conversation

If your conversation never goes deep then it is one sign that she isn't interested in treating you as her main course.

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